letter-oh, I’m just so excited to share this Iowa Memorial Union wedding with you guys! I hit it off with Skylar & James the moment I met them and I was so excited for them to finally be married!

They met at a birthday party back in their early teens. Skylar readily admits she was not attracted to him at all since her first impression was him showing off to the girls by letting them drive his Trailblazer around the block. It was his steady persistence in her over the following months that finally changed her mind. James’ brother describes him as having many layers. What Skylar first saw of James was just one of those layers, but beneath, he’s a sweet, caring, devoted person who is also determined.

Sticking to each other through high school, college, and life-after-classes, they’ve become both strong individuals and a strong couple. Last April, James asked Skylar to marry him (you can read how he proposed here) and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know them ever since. They hold a special place in my heart because, truly, they are genuine and kind. They are the kind of people you want to be around because they make you laugh and love and care.

Iowa Memorial Union Wedding - SkylarJames © Emily Crall_0047.jpg
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  • Mardelle Kennay - Beautiful! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

  • Janel Elaine - Emily, if this is just a sneak peek….I cannot wait to see the rest!! You are a gifted photographer and found so many perfectly timed shots that allowed me to relive that moment one more time. Thank you so very much!ReplyCancel

  • Skylar Ferentz - MAMA CRALL- Where do I even start? You captured such amazing moments… I can’t wait to show them off to our family and friends! We LOVE you!!! Thank you so much…ReplyCancel

letter-there isn’t one moment where I just knew Zach was the one,” she says. “It was a process for me. A process of little moments that just kept telling me that I didn’t want to ever lose him.”

They met in college and when he saw her, he instantly looked at his buddy and told him he was going to get her phone number. Their first date was on the 4th of July, a month before she was leaving for a semester in Italy. Their connection was instantaneous (he says he fell in love with her on their first date) and long-distance it was as they continued to get to know each other.

On their two-year anniversary, they went to St. Louis with his family for a Cardinals game. “We got there around noon and prior to this, I has asked two of Bethany’s lifelong friends if they would meet us down by the game to take pictures of me proposing. We parked the car and walked down to the arch. As we were walking, I tried looking for her friends to see where they were in the crowd, but couldn’t find them. As we got closer, my sister and Jason both started falling behind us. Bethany and I finally got underneath the arch and I tried getting her to look up so she she would look back at me, I’d be on a knee, but she knew something was up and wouldn’t take her eyes off of me. I finally told her there was something I had been wanting to ask her for a while, got down on a knee, and proposed. Luckily, my sister got some photos because Bethany’s friends ended up following a different couple!”

I met up with Bethany & Zach last week in downtown Iowa City for their engagement session. I knew ahead of time that these two would knock my socks off, but, truly, they made me swoon! Their love is just as real in private as it is in front of a camera and I was so honored to be able to capture it for them!

Downtown Iowa City Engagement - BethanyZach © Emily Crall_0002.jpg

One of my new favorit-ist images.:)These two…together…they’re perfect.

Downtown Iowa City Engagement - BethanyZach © Emily Crall_0003.jpg
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  • Penny Klise Wellington - Pictures of you BOTH paint more than 1,000 words of how LOVE should feel <3 We love you both <3 Gramps and Gram <3 ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Nebel - These two + you = PERFECTION! I love, love, love these, Em! Great job capturing their love!!ReplyCancel

letter-i‘m still hearing about Megan & Trent’s 1920′s themed wedding from total strangers. It was truly a stunning event and everyone involved, from guests to vendors, can’t stop talking about how fun and memorable it was! I, for one, can’t stop talking about how amazing it was to photograph. I adore Megan & Trent, for starters, then you add in the bridal party they had (so fun!), the details, the theme pulled off to perfection… It’s just one of those weddings I look back on and smile.

They just finalized their wedding album design last week so I thought I’d share since I believe that the album, more than any other product I offer, tells the best story of the day. Here are a few of the spreads and you can view the entire album design here.

Megan & Trent_12x12_01.jpg

Megan & Trent_12x12_03.jpg

Megan & Trent_12x12_04.jpg

Megan & Trent_12x12_05.jpg

Megan & Trent_12x12_09.jpg

Megan & Trent_12x12_010.jpg
Megan & Trent_12x12_011.jpg

(For Photographers: I use InDesign CS6 to design all of my albums and use MADERA for all printing, binding, and album creations. They deliver, in my opinion, some of the most stunning, high quality albums in the industry.)

letter-july has thrown us a lot of curveballs with the weather. It was no exception on Saturday for Lizzie & Andy’s wedding. Despite the drizzle, the enormous windows at Hotel Vetro gave us lots of natural light to work with as well as using a rooftop area.

I remember this story of when they were first together, He says he was drawn to her smile. ‘It was what first got me. She has this little shy, cute smile. I saw it and thought it was absolutely adorable.’ While they talked, she realized he was making her laugh…a lot. It really made her want to be around him more and more.” I’m so happy that Lizzie & Andy have joined the married club and it’s such a joy to see their love for each other.

Lizzie wore her mother’s veil for the ceremony and her jewelry was borrowed from family.

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  • Cynthia Lucas - Lizzie the photos of the wedding turned out amazing! Excellent job Emily! And huge thanks for sewing up my dress. You’re awesome. ReplyCancel

  • Barb Peterson - Wonderful moments captured!

  • Anna Vetter - Everything turned out so amazing! You all looked amazing! ReplyCancel

  • Becky Kaplan - vicky and mark mazel tov , the pictures are beautiful
    mazel tov again, becky and sam kaplan

  • Mary Audia - Beautiful! So happy for you all! Lovely wedding, photography, people, etc!!!ReplyCancel

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  • Town or Country, Event Design & Coordination - Emily! No one would ever know it was a dreary rainy day when we look at these gorgeous photos! It was a perfect “garden party” wedding day! Fabulous job, as usual, Emily Crall Photography!ReplyCancel

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  • Vickie Ginsberg - These are beautiful! ReplyCancel

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letter-it was 8th grade junior high. She was dating and he became the note messenger between them. That was the extent of their interaction outside of the math classroom. Fast forward to senior year of high school when they actually started talking to each other. She wasn’t a big fan of him, but they hung out with the same group of people each morning before school started. He eventually won her over and they became friends.

As their friendship grew, they transitioned from friends to companions. She describes the moment she first knew he was going to be the one she would marry: “[It was] when we were talking about having children because he had the exact same response as my dad did when my mom had asked him a certain question. After my mom gave birth to my older brother, my mom looked at my dad scared because they had just had their first child and said, ‘What do we do now?’

“My dad’s response was, ‘We just love him.’ Jared and I were talking about having children in the future and I was joking about how scared I would be after we had the baby and I said, ‘What would we do after we had him or her?’ Jared’s response was, ‘You just love them.’”

For him, a brief break up in 2008 made him realize just how much she meant to him. These two were made for each other.

Lake MacBride Engagement - CorrieJared © Emily Crall_0223.jpg
Lake MacBride Engagement - CorrieJared © Emily Crall_0224.jpg
Corrie loves Halloween so it was only perfect for Jared to time the engagement for late October. It was around dinner and she had just put in one of her favorite Halloween movies. She noticed Jared was very anxious for the trick-or-treaters to come which was unusual for him. She remembers asking him, “What is your deal? You are never like this.” He laughed and brushed it off.

The door bell rang soon after that and Jared told her, “There you go, Corrie! The trick-or-treaters are here. Better hurry up and get it.” He disappeared into the laundry room unnoticed while she opened the door. She look down to see his cousin’s young children and started to say hi, but stopped when she saw they were holding a sign that read, “Will you marry me?”

She yelled to Jared, “Jared, is this real?!” As the kids started walking inside, she noticed they were dressed as a bride & groom. She got confused because she didn’t know if those were their actual costumes or if a proposal was happening. “After feeling like a dork for not figuring out what was going on, Jared finally appeared with a pumpkin he had carved and the ring. I shrieked, ‘Is this real?!?’ He came over by me and the kids and got down on one knee and said, ‘Well, will you marry me?’ I didn’t answer right away because I was crying so Jared nervously said again, ‘Well, what do you say?’ I was finally able to muster out a yes. It took a bit, but the kids finally got their candy.

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  • Cathy Rook - What a lovely post and the pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Mike Cathy Fountain - So nice – love reading the post.

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letter-it’s clear that their love for each other includes a healthy dose of respect and care. They share a genuine connection and understanding that is so beautiful to witness. With all of the July 4th festivities happening around the country, these two wrapped themselves close with their friends and families to celebrate the start of this new phase of their relationship.

While the ceremony was held at Bella Sala, we actually started the day in the ladies’ suite at the Clarion before heading to Kent Park for photos, which happened to be where we had done their engagement session as well.

Bella Sala Wedding - Brittany Sam © Emily Crall_0119.jpg
Bella Sala Wedding - Brittany Sam © Emily Crall_0120.jpg

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