lake macbride engagement : emily & shamus

letter-she didn’t know much about him, but when her friend insisted on setting them up to go bowling, the first thing she thought was that she really liked his smile. They were in high school at the time, in different cities, but made the drive to see each other often. Neither can remember a specific first date because they were young and spent a lot of time hanging out in groups of friends, but they do recall spending a lot of time talking sitting by a local pond and even having picnics there.

Lake MacBride Engagement Emily Shamus © Emily Crall_0149.jpg

I met up with Emily & Shamus this past Saturday at Lake MacBride for their engagement session. It holds a special place in their heart since this is where Shamus proposed last September.

“We had decided the day before to go for a hike the next day,” Emily said. “Shamus woke up earlier than usual for a Saturday and told me I could take a quick shower while he got our dog, Ace, ready to go for our hike. It was cloudy and cool and Shamus packed a backpack and his fishing pole. We got to Lake MacBride and followed a path to our spot overlooking the water. Shamus threw his fishing line out and we say there talking for quite a while. View full post »

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how to easily sync images in time order in lightroom

letter-in a recent conversation with some other photographers, I could not figure out why it was such a pain for them to line up their images and their second shooters images in post-production in time order. I listened for a bit thinking I must have misunderstood, but I finally asked why they don’t just change the time on their second shooter’s images if the cameras weren’t synced properly beforehand. They kind of looked at me like, “What?”

So I explained what I do in Lightroom after a wedding to get both my and my second shooter’s images in sync. In case you also didn’t know this handy little trick, here’s how you do it.

  1. Highlight all of the images you need to time-change. I do this right after I import the card so I select all of the “previous import” in LR. You can also do it by sorting the images by camera serial number.
  2. In the Library tab, scroll down on the right-hand side to the Metadata and you’ll see something like this: 
  3. What you’re looking for in the above screenshot is the “Capture Time”. Click the menu tab to the right “Capture Time” and you’ll have an options window pop up like this: 
  4. Here you can easily see what the original time was that the camera recorded and adjust it down to the seconds for the corrected time. I always find two images taken at the same, or near same time, by me and my second shooter and check the exact original time listed on mine. I use that time difference as the adjustment meter for my second shooter’s images.
  5. As soon as that is adjusted, all of your images will be lined up in proper time capture order!

Of course, it’s always great to sync your cameras before the event, but in case that didn’t happen or the time still somehow got off, this is an easy peasy fix to get all of the images back in their proper time order!


featured on love and lavender

letter-i was on a mini vacation celebrating my husband’s and my five year wedding anniversary when I received word that Liz & Brock’s sparkly March wedding had been accepted for publication feature on Love & Lavender. I didn’t even have time to get home and email my congratulations to the vendors before I received word that it had been published! In a scurry of iPhone auto-corrections, I managed to get an email out to everyone letting them know, but it’s only now, a few days later, that I’m able to share it on here.

Thanks so much to the vendors who truly put this together: Brenda (Town or Country Events), Adam (Tip Top Cakes), Travel H (Unique Events), Sarah (Zephyr Weddings), Jessica (Hy-Vee Johnson Ave CR), and The Celebration Farm. The team effort that went into this was so spectacular to see and I appreciate each of you so very much!

Liz & Brock, congratulations!

Thank you to Love & Lavender for featuring this beautiful wedding. See it here.


lake macbride engagement : taylor & mick

letter-they first met when he was with a couple of friends that went to high school with her. They were juniors. It wasn’t until later at her birthday party, though, when they first talked. They went to different high schools and weren’t able to be together on week days so they recall long and late phone calls to tell each other every single detail about their days.

Taylor was in her junior year of college when she says she knew he was the one: “I don’t really know when exactly this happened, but I just remember realizing that I couldn’t live without him. He is my best friend. I tell him everything. And I couldn’t imagine spending another holiday or vacation without him.”

Mick remembers being at work: “It was just kind of a eureka moment when I just knew that I should ask her to marry me and I really wanted to marry her.”

Lake MacBride-TaylorMick © Emily Crall_0129.jpg

For the proposal, Mick called in the help of his sister-in-law, Manda. Taylor and Mick had planned a trip to Atlanta to visit Mick’s family. With the help of Manda, he planned a romantic picnic. He had planned to get sandwiches, but upon arrival at the restaurant, they were closed for the day. The only other restaurant within range of where they were was a hot dog joint. This turned out to be perfect since Taylor loves hotdogs! They drove up Kennesaw Mountain as high as they could then walked the rest of the way to the top. When they found the perfect spot overlooking Atlanta, they threw down a picnic blanket and broke out the hotdogs. It was shortly after they ate that Mick got on one knee to ask Taylor to marry him.

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letter-time is this funny thing. You know that every second is the same length as the second before it and after it. The same with minutes, hours, days, months, and years. But time is tricky in this way: it seems like it goes both fast and slow, but never exactly the same.

It’s been five years since our wedding day. In some ways, it seems like we’ve been married forever and yet in other ways, it seems like it was just a few months ago.

Marriage is amazing. I think a lot of people focus on the difficult parts of merging two lives into constant togetherness, but really? It’s the best thing ever. I have loved these past five years. They’ve been the most incredible time of my life. If the next five are even half as good as the last, I’m already excited to begin.


featured on

appy Monday! It’s indeed a special one here as I am so proud to announce that Morgan & Bryce’s beautiful winter wedding has been featured on Today Style.

Morgan and Bryce have been two of the sweetest, kindest people I’ve worked with and I was so so so happy when Today accepted their images for publication. They aced their interview and the resulting story is so perfectly them! Congratulations, you two! This is just in time for your two-month anniversary!

Click here to view on Today.