featured : flea market gardens magazine

When I arrived at the church, she was sitting patiently getting her makeup done with the biggest smile on her face. She gave me a big hug and, when I told her the sanctuary looked ah-mazing (!!), she said, “Oh, Emily, if think that’s great, you are just going to fall over when you see the reception. You’re going to love it!!!”

She was right. I felt as if I was photography heaven. Not only were the details so unique and personalized, but the love and effort that had been put into pulling everything together was truly unmatched. It was perfectly Keri and Drew through and through.

A few months later, their wedding was featured on Emmaline Bride and now, I am incredibly honored to see their images in print in the latest publication of Flea Market Gardens magazine.

Drew and Keri, you two continue to inspire me and I still get giddy every time I look back through your photo. It’s a joy to see how happy you are…together.

Special thanks to Barb of Sister’s Garden & Bloom for her endless energy in making this happen.