September 11, 2019

How To Use Your Photo Gallery

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I‘m so thrilled to offer online galleries for my clients! If you’re unfamiliar with Pass Plus, the gallery system I use, it is the #1 sharing solution for photographers and has been leading the photo industry for the past several years with its technology and ease of use. (For first time users, this post will show you how to use it!) I truly believe this is the safest, easiest, and quickest way to get images to my clients. I’ve been using online galleries since 2012 and absolutely couldn’t be happier with the seamless integration with social media and on-the-go mobile devices. Who doesn’t want to have access to their photos from their phone? Exactly.

Your photo gallery is designed to be very user friendly, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of the benefits!

After your engagement session with me and after your wedding when your photos are completed, you’ll receive an email from me with your gallery link. This gallery is for you to use both for your own viewing and also to show off your images to your friends and family. You may print images through your gallery, download, and save your favorites into your own folder for easy-access later on!

Here’s a gallery of some real clients and instructions on how to make the most of your own gallery.

Opening Your Gallery

To open your gallery, simply click on the link that I’ve noted in the email I sent you. On a computer, your welcome screen will look something like this:

To enter the gallery, simply scroll down and follow the instructions.

Logging In

Now you’ll be viewing the gallery, but in order to save your favorites, download images, or order prints, you’ll need to log in. In the top far-right corner of the screen, you’ll see a little person figure as well as whatever name you put in from the previous screen, in my case, my first and last name as shown below. Click to access the dropdown menu and, at the bottom, click on “login.”

You can choose to create a login with your email address and a password (the password option will be on the next screen after you click “continue”) or log in with Facebook or Google.


Now you’re logged in! The images that you see at the beginning of the gallery are my favorite images, but there are more for you to see! If you look across the top bar, there are other folders, organized by parts of the wedding day, for example, “Prep,” “Bridal Party & Family,” “Ceremony,” etcetera.

If you want to view your images one at a time, just click on an image and it will expand to fill the screen. You can use the arrows buttons to swipe forward and backward to keep viewing images in their larger format or simply click the gray “X” in the top right corner to go back to viewing all the photos. (You can also click “auto-play” to have the photos loop through one-by-one without you having to click anything.)

Favorites & Downloading

Since you are logged in and are viewing your images, you can mark your favorite images and create your own collections to share via email or Facebook. When you click on an image and it expands, you will see the options along the bottom of the photo. If you click the heart, it’ll put that photo in your personal “favorites” gallery. You can also add photos to a collection you’d like to email (the envelope icon) or share via Facebook (the “f” icon), or download!

You can access your collection of favorites from the menu on the upper right side by clicking on the heart icon that now has a number on it (the total of how many you have “favorited” so far).

Downloading can be done individually or by folders. Click the download icon in the upper right corner of the home screen and choose “multiple selection”.

Select which folder you want to download and either “select all” or go through and select individuals (if you want to download your favorites, just click the “My Favorites” folder) and then click the “Download Photos – High-Res” at the bottom of the screen.

Choose to download either to your computer or to Dropbox. As soon as the photos are ready to be downloaded (it won’t take long with just a few, but it may take a bit longer with hundreds of images), you’ll see a .zip file on the screen which you can click to start the download. Then you just have to open up the .zip file on your computer to extract the individual image files.

The Phone App

Now here’s the coolest part: to view your gallery on your phone, download the PASS app (it’s free) and log in. You’ll instantly have your images with you everywhere you go!

Just log in using the same information as before, and you will see a screen with your gallery. Everything looks identical to the desktop viewing so there are no surprises.

Enjoy your photos! I hope this convenience and technology makes it all the easier and better for sharing your beautiful day with those around you.

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