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May 24, 2016


I love finding new spaces in our area and Little Lights Events is definitely a charmer. I spent the afternoon there photographing a styled shoot, which is basically a way for us creatives to shoot for fun. I’m already envisioning how beautiful a reception here will be (keep scrolling, you’ll see!) and would love to get one of my couples out in the Herbert Hoover National Historical Park for their ceremony.

I’m a big sucker for botanicals and white walls and open beams so this was a dream. The industrial bulbs, wood tables, planter boxes, and flickering candles made for a romantic, classic feel while the exposed brick and hardwood floor brought a natural, historical element.

Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0039 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0040 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0041 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0042 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0043 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0044 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0045 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0046 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0047 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0048 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0049 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0050 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0051 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0052 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0053 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0054 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0055 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0056 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0057 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0058 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0059 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0060 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0061

Eric & Rachel are a real-life married couple who were gracious enough to get dolled up and model for us. Aren’t they so beautiful?

Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0062 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0063 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0064 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0065 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0066 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0067 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0068 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0069 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0070 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0071 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0072 Little_Lights_Events_EmilyCrall_Photo_0073

This shoot was a collaboration of many vendors, all giving of their time and talents to pull it together. Thank you so much to all of them for making this work!


Venue: Little Lights Events
Planner: Amanda Remington with Little Lights Events
Plates, Glasses, Decor: Little Lights Events
Paper goods: Andi’s Invites
Cookies: Jaclyn’s Niche
Dress: Brides by Jessa
Tux: JCPenney
Florals: Nicole of Waterfront Hy-Vee
Cake: Tip Top Cakes
Calligraphy: Emelyn Letters
Hair & Makeup: Amanda of Zen Salon & Spa

May 5, 2016

FILED IN: Business


Believe it or not, I’ve been putting off this blog post for a few weeks now because I still don’t feel like I have really had the time to sit and wrap my head and heart around all that I learned at Justin & Mary‘s Walk Through a Wedding workshop in April. I already posted about a tiny bit of sight-seeing that I was able to do both at Yale University and at Lighthouse Point Park, but that was literally just minutes in the course of the two days in Connecticut. The bulk of the days were spent in the workshop.

I flew into Connecticut on Tuesday. After picking up my rental car and driving an hour to New Haven, I got settled into my hotel and met my roommate, Morgan. All the workshop attendees were invited to a dinner at Justin & Mary’s home that night. I wish I would’ve taken photos, but I forgot. Their living room was transformed into a beautiful styled tablescape with fresh flowers, place settings, flickering candles, and jazz music playing in the background. We mingled, laughed, and sipped cocktails before sitting down to dinner. Mary said that since we’re all in the wedding industry, we don’t get to be wedding guests; when we’re eating at a wedding, it’s fast and vulture-like (I added that, but it’s true). Tuesday night was our chance to be treated to a full course dinner, the kind that we usually don’t get to partake in. After helping with dishes and rearranging furniture to flip the living room into workshop mode, we all went home for some shut-eye before Wednesday morning arrived.

Website_EmilyCrall_Photo_0139 Website_EmilyCrall_Photo_0140

Day one of the workshop started in session, learning, discussing, and dissecting our “why”. Why do I work weekends away from my child, long hours, physically exhausting work to do this job that I love? We dove into nitty-gritty stuff like goals and “why”s to lighting and posing. We put it into practice and tried it out right there on the spot.



In the late afternoon, we traveled to Bill Miller’s Castle to really work through a wedding day. One of the things I appreciated most about this workshop was that it wasn’t easy. What I mean is that we didn’t have soft, amazing lighting to work with or perfect backdrops at our finger tips. It was real life. This is how a wedding really is. We had to think on the fly and figure it out. It’s easy to take photos in perfect light. But that doesn’t help me learn. The hands-on experience was invaluable.

Website_EmilyCrall_Photo_0143 Website_EmilyCrall_Photo_0144 Website_EmilyCrall_Photo_0145 Website_EmilyCrall_Photo_0146 Website_EmilyCrall_Photo_0147 Website_EmilyCrall_Photo_0148 Website_EmilyCrall_Photo_0149

We finished up the evening at the castle around 9 PM, which was great because my mental capacity had reached its limit about an hour before and I just didn’t know how much more I could take before completely shutting down. #overloadoverload

With day 1 under our belts, we all tried to get some rest before hitting it hard Thursday morning.

January 7, 2014

When Jenn Pochobradsky of Harper Hadley Events first approached me last October, she had visions of plaid, gold, fun, and feminine. I could’ve been counted in before she even went further. She wanted to style a photo shoot based on a plaid-inspired wedding. I was so honored to have been asked to photograph it!


January 2, 2014

FILED IN: Featured

letter-i‘ll be posting an official styled shoot post next week, but I was waiting for this news: we’ve been featured! This year is off to a great start! Head over here to see the whole feature.


June 25, 2013

e styled this shoot for pleasure. For our own expression of art and creativity. And I couldn’t be more proud to see our hard work featured on Ruffled.

See my original blog post here.


May 28, 2013

Kailee first approached me a few months ago about doing photography for a fashion shoot she was putting together. I was on board immediately, put it on my calendar, and, boom, the date snuck right up on me! We lucked out with a beautiful day right before another set of rainy storms. 

Sarah Nebel was so gracious in loaning us her studio to use to get ready and, even though I had to shoot at high noon, I found some lovely shaded areas around town.

Angela Miller out of Des Moines came to town to do all of the makeup. She is a genius. I’m telling you, these ladies looked amazing!!

Kailee Seward is from Kalona and, not only does she cut my hair, she is so amazing at formal updos! In fact, when she was still in school for cosmetology over 4 years ago, I hired her to do my wedding day hair. I’d hire her all over again. She’s brilliant.

Becca, you gorgeous doll…

I was SO excited about this floral necklace by Bobbie Peiffer of Cherry Blossom Boutique. She does AMAZING wedding florals and I love photographing her work!

Omg, Mishayla has the sweetest disposition. I told her I was going to adopt her as my baby sister.

Gah, she’s stunning!!!

Michaela has such a bubbly personality. I tried one shot of her serious and said, “You always smile, don’t you?” She just looks so much more natural when she’s smiling! Love this girl!

Thanks to everyone who was involved. Thank you, Becca, Becky, Mishayla, and Michaela. (Those names…boy, oh, boy it took me a while to get everyone straight.)

Hair :: Hair by Kailee
Makeup :: Angela Miller
Studio Usage :: Sarah Nebel Photography
Photography :: Emily Crall Photography
Florals :: Cherry Blossom Boutique

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