Downtown Iowa City Evening Engagement : Cortney & Christian

Nighttime Engagement by Emily Crall_0098.jpgMy typical photographic style is airy and bright and I schedule engagement sessions and portrait times on wedding days to be when the light is golden and glorious. So when I had to submit an assignment for The International Academy of Wedding Photographers that showed the use of “natural light” (no flash) after the sun had set, I had nothing in my portfolio. Thankfully, I put out an all-call online and one of my sweet June couples, Cortney & Christian, volunteered to help me out. I was mostly so excited to see them again (they’re a dream to photograph), but was also thankful that they were so gracious with me as I tested out some different ideas for an evening engagement session.

In the end, I still much prefer natural sunlit photos, but it was good for me to stretch a bit out of my comfort zone and find other light sources besides the sun. Also, we really lucked out with that tree that was bursting with hanging lights.
Nighttime Engagement by Emily Crall_0092.jpgNighttime Engagement by Emily Crall_0093.jpgNighttime Engagement by Emily Crall_0094.jpgNighttime Engagement by Emily Crall_0095.jpgNighttime Engagement by Emily Crall_0096.jpgNighttime Engagement by Emily Crall_0097.jpg

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