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Hi, I'm Emily.

In all my efforts to have less toxic chemicals and way more natural in my life, I had to rethink my skin care routine.

I was shocked to find out currently there are 80,000 synthetic chemicals that are not fully tested. In the U.S., cosmetic industry’s panel has reviewed just 11 percent of the 10,500 cosmetic ingredients cataloged by FDA. And only 11 chemicals are banned in U.S. In contrast, Canada has a guideline for just over 650 and The European Union Health Commission has restricted over 1,300 chemicals. There are outdated government regulations when it comes to cosmetics that haven’t been updated since 1930. And there are no legal definitions of “natural” and “organic”. Laws are not required to regulate the use of words like “natural” and “organic” on cosmetics and personal care products. I use the free “Think Dirty” app to scan many items in our home; it is an independent, unbiased, third-party that gives a rating to products based on their ingredients factored against carcinogenicity, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and allergies & immunotoxicities. Go to their website to read why the founder created this!

Now I use this amazing blend of essential oils and my skin loves me.

Here’s my routine in a nutshell:

  1. Wash face & neck with lemon sandalwood soap. Pat dry. (Sometimes I use my Clarisonic for this and sometimes I just use my hands and a washrag.)
  2. Spray toner on a cotton square and swipe over face, particularly T-zone. (If I’m feeling lazy, I skip the toner.)
  3. Put 1-2 drops of Glowing Skin Serum in my palm and then gently rub into my face and neck.

So here’s how to make the Glowing Skin Serum.

Combine 10-15 drops of Tea Tree, 10-15 drops Purification, 5-10 drops Lemon, 5-10 drops Orange, and 1-5 drops Frankincense in a 2-ounce dropper bottle. Fill to the top with rosehip seed oil or other carrier oil. (I love rosehip as a carrier oil for my face because it’s a 1 on the comedogenic scale—very low—and a 1 in absorption rating—very fast. So it doesn’t feel greasy or oily because it is quickly absorbed by the skin and won’t clog my pores!) 


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