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October 22, 2020

FILED IN: Photography, Senior

I first got to photograph Morgan and her family back in 2016 and, throughout these past 4 years, it’s been so much fun to watch her grow up. She’s now in her senior year at Liberty High and planning ahead towards college next year.

Morgan has an easy smile and a beautiful laugh and she was a really great sport when we had to reschedule due to rain and then landed ourselves on a super windy afternoon. Thankfully, the wind died down right as the session started and I was also able to find some strategic locations that would be a bit more sheltered.

Happy senior year, Morgan! COVID-19 has forced a lot of pivoting and reshuffling of our ideas and plans and expectations, but I hope you’re able to use those forced-challenges to become an adult who can roll with the punches and find success even in the alternate plans.



October 5, 2020

FILED IN: Photography, Senior

Alex is a high school senior at West High and we lucked out this past week with not just the perfect timing for fall colors, but also a beautiful, crisp morning outside! He plays both football and baseball so we started the session at the high school and then went to Kent Park for the majority of the time. Alex says he’s pretty down-to-earth and I definitely got that vibe from him while I was photographing. He’s easy-going and we had a great time chatting. At one point, I commented to his mom that I just can’t quite wrap my head around having a senior in high school or her ability to just go outside for a walk by herself (haha) and she reminded me that time does go really quickly and it wasn’t so long ago that she was exactly where I am now. It was a good reminder for me to enjoy these moments with littles because, as I already know with my almost 6-year-old, it’s like a blink. Somehow the days can drag and the year is over.

Happy senior year, Alex!



September 21, 2020

FILED IN: Photography, Senior

Brendan’s mom, Becky, is one of my good friends and when she asked if I would consider shooting his senior photos, I was so honored!

Brendan is a senior at West High and plays both soccer and golf (and likes to play basketball just for fun). We lucked out with the most beautiful afternoon after 6 days of constant rain. As far as senior sessions go, this was the most relaxed one I could imagine. Neither Brendan nor Becky had any particular preferences when it came to Brendan’s senior photos so I was given full creative control, which was really fun. I had a ton of nooks and crannies in mind around downtown Iowa City and so it was fun to just walk around and explore and be able to to stop every time inspiration struck.



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