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November 25, 2020

Kourtney had first contacted me back in the late summer about doing newborn photos for their family when she gave birth to their second child sometime in November. I offered her a few referrals for traditional newborn photos, but she was looking for more of a lifestyle type session, which I was happy to offer!

She gave birth to baby Tripp earlier this month and he is just the sweetest, most relaxed little bundle with the best head of hair. His older brother, up from a brief nap, was full of energy and we tried a lot of bribery without much success, hah. But I do love that these photos capture personalities as they are in this stage of life. The best smile that I got all day from Crew was the moment when he held his little brother for the first time ever and I love how 1) proud he is in that moment and 2) that we got it on camera.

Welcome to the world, baby Tripp! You lucked out with the best family and I am sure you and your brother will be fast friends before long.


November 12, 2020

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon out at Kent Park for the Bullock family’s photos. It was so fun to meet them and probably my favorite set of photos were at the very end when I had the boys go tackle their parents and lots of tickles ensued. It’s been so much fun this year getting to meet and photograph so many families!



November 10, 2020

We had the most beautiful weekend for photos this past weekend and Kent Park continues to provide really great colors right now, despite the wind that keeps pulling leaves off of the trees. With temperatures in the 70s (in November!), it was especially great for sweet Kennedy, who is just the cutest little 6 month old. It was so fun meeting the Kern family, but let’s be honest: Kennedy really stole the show.



November 2, 2020

Compared to the forecast, we lucked out with some great weather for this session. However, it was still quite chilly and the kids were not super excited about the temperatures, haha. Thankfully, Rory came loaded with pockets full of snacks and it was literally the only thing that helped Harlow smile, that lure of sour gummies. I know, as a parent, it can be disappointing when your kids don’t bring their A-game smiles to a session, but I do love capturing reality so much and I know when Brandon and Andrea look back at these photos, there will be lots of chuckles over the intense bribery and prodding to get the kids to smile. (Ironically, once we finally got one warmed up to the camera, the other shut down!) I’m so proud of these images because I know how hard we all worked to get them and I couldn’t love them more!



October 16, 2020

I get the pleasure of often photographing the Ohloff family and actually met Elisabeth’s family at her and Seth’s wedding a few years ago (you’ll see some familiar faces in the bridal party)! When I recently photographed the Ohloffs, they wondered it would be possible to set up this extended family session and I was so glad we could find a date that worked for everyone!


October 9, 2020

The Gingerich family lives on a beautiful piece of land in the Kalona area where I have been lucky enough to photograph before so I knew when Bailey reached out for family photos that we could use the space surrounding their home! It was the most perfect afternoon with glorious sunshine and I love how bright and happy all these photos are.