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September 4, 2011

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I‘ll admit, it wasn’t actually fossil hunting. I mean, we happened to go hiking near the fossil gorge, but the closet thing I found to a fossil was a decaying fish carcass. I was pretty excited about it given that I had just told Kevin that I was hoping to find a full dinosaur fossil. The fish carcass was close enough.

Kevin hadn’t told me what we were doing, just that I needed to be ready to leave in T-10 minutes. We had a wonderful hike and September has truly brought with it cooler temperatures. The breeze was almost chilly in the shade and it felt completely wonderful.

Birds were singing, trees were wavering between keeping their green leaves and letting them turn colors, and other hikers were out and about. It felt like life was balanced perfectly. It was a completely refreshing Sunday with my favorite man.

With no need for words, we simply were. And it’s so wonderful to simply be.

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