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April 23, 2014

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letter-he‘ll tell you that he knew immediately he was going to spend forever with her. She needed only a bit longer to come to the same revelation. “I am mouthy, sarcastic, and stubborn,” she says. “He just took everything in stride and never once made me doubt how he felt about me. Knowing that made me fall for him even more. He is a very quiet person and I love knowing that we can sit in complete silence comfortably with each other. I remember asking myself one day could I picture my life without him in it and when the answer was no, I knew.”

I met Becci & Andy at Palisades State Park this past Saturday for their engagement session. The weather was gorgeous and the hiking trails were busy as were the grills and picnic areas. One thing I noticed about Becci & Andy very soon after we got started was just how truly comfortable they are together. They feed off of each other’s energy and calm. They are most natural when being in each others’ arms. Together, they are a perfect match.
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October 18, 2011

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In high school, they only knew of each other. He was a basketball star; she was grade point average star. A few years out of high school, they connected on facebook. In a bold move, he asked for her number and called her. She was, at the time, doing an externship several hours away, but suddenly her weekends became crammed with trips back home. She joked that she was homesick, but the reality of it was she’d drive much further just for a chance to see him.

Months later, she finished her externship and got a job in Iowa City. It was a Monday; she hates Mondays. They had been dating for almost a year; 49 weeks to be exact. She got through that Monday with the incentive of a date night to look forward to.

She should’ve suspected something when he made her wear a blindfold in the car. But she kept thinking, “No, this isn’t really it…is it?” After a brief stop, the car smelled of cheese biscuits and delicious seafood (later discovering a Red Lobster picnic!), and they started driving again. Finally, he stopped the car, had her sit for a moment as he got out and arranged some things, then opened her door, took her hand, and led her onto a wooden platform that moved under her feet. She asked if it was a boat. She could hear strains of Michael Bublé, but she couldn’t see anything as the blindfold was still firmly in place. As they sat on what she would soon discover was a dock on the lake, he began to read to her a list he had made; a list of 49 things that he loves about her. [swoon] When he had reached the end of the list, he took off her blindfold and got down on one knee, presenting the question and a gorgeous ring.

As she took in their surroundings, the beautiful sunset, the water gently lapping against the dock, the blanket and picnic and music, she looked back at him and knew this was the one she would spend her life with. This man was the one whom she would love and be loved by. This man was hers.

Aaron and Midori are planning a spring wedding and I am simply thrilled to be witness to their love and commitment. These two are so sweet and genuine. Their love is simply-put infectious.

I love that Midori has this beautiful, natural laugh that she just can’t contain around Aaron. The instant I would ask her to not smile, she’d start laughing and it was magical!

I obviously have so many favorites from this couple, but I particularly love the one below right. Something about it just feels so…happy.

Remember how Aaron played basketball in high school? Well, he went on to play in college and now coaches high school basketball. You merely need to say the word “basketball” and his eyes light up. He wanted a picture with him and his “two loves”. I love that he’s spinning the basketball in the photo on the right, but giving Midori a kiss. I think it’s a great portrayal of how much he loves both, but ultimately, Midori still trumps the sport.

Congratulations, you two. I am so looking forward to your wedding in the spring. I know already it will just be a beautiful extension of your passions for life and love for each other.

September 27, 2011

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I have a special connection with the Veal family. They were one of my first clients and have become faithful repeats. Aside from the fact that they are just a stunning family, they are the kindest people ever and I always have so much fun with them.

This time was no exception. I love seeing the kids grow and I always think, “Gosh, how are they getting cuter?!” At some point there’s a limit, right?

I guess it’s no surprise really when you see their parents.

I have far too many favorites from this session. Here are some of them…

This little guy just started taking off walking a few weeks ago. He’s so stable on flat surfaces, but was still a little wobbly on the uneven grass. I kept picking him up and telling him I could just eat him up. That’s a totally normal thing to say to an adorable child, right?

Thank you again, Veal family. I just cannot get enough of you guys!

September 5, 2011

It had been my idea to go hiking. It was Kevin’s idea to get up before dawn to go hiking.

I am not a morning person so you can imagine how torn I was: do I waste precious sleeping-in time on a day off or do I get up and go with my husband and get the chance to shoot some sunrise photos? I finally chose the latter. He gave me plenty of opportunities to back out of it, but then then, I was in 100% and nothing was going to stop me. I even called the park ranger to see what the hours were. Did you know that parks open at 4 AM?! My only questions is why?

In strange correlation, I dreamt that night that I woke up late for a flight to Columbus and couldn’t pack my clothes fast enough and the plane would leave without me. When Kevin woke me up and it was still dark outside, I was like, “Whew, we’re going to make it in time for the sunrise.” (In case you didn’t see that correlation, just let it go. I felt it. It was real.) He also made me coffee, which equalled about a thousand points for him.

We went to the Palisades Kepler State Park and booked it out onto the rock bed in good time. The sun was starting to seep into the horizon, slowly pushing away the inky blue and watering it down minute by minute to paler shades. Then, like magic, it beamed over the tree line, warming up the cool, foggy air, splitting the night from the day.

The dew twinkled on the rocks like diamonds and the fog hovered above the water like it couldn’t decide where to go.

For the first time ever, I was so glad to see the sun rise. It was…it was peaceful. We spoke in near-hushed tones like we may interrupt the glorious birth of the day.

Despite how it looks, I did not fall backwards off the cliff ridge.

In moments like these, I could only be thankful.

My brother used to reason that fishing early on a Sunday morning was more spiritual than going to church. I have to agree with him. Because I expected to be tired; I expected to see a beautiful sunrise; I expected to have a fun time with Kevin. What I didn’t expect was to feel so peaceful and calm. It was like a deep exhale through my whole body and my shoulders sank down from my earlobes and my muscles relaxed into organic breathing patterns.

As a disclaimer: that is not Kevin's bag. He carried all of the gear (bag, tripod, two cameras and lenses) because he was afraid I would be a klutz and trip. Unnecessary, but somewhat valid concern.

After we hiked the trails for a few miles, prepared ourselves for a mountain lion attack, and wished for birds to start singing and dancing like Rio (maybe that was just my wish?), we got back to our car, pulled off our muddy shoes to stow in the trunk, and settled in, stocking-footed, to go home to make some breakfast omelets.

Then we found 5 dollars. For real.

Happy Labor Day!

(The post title comes from the song “Sunrise” by Norah Jones.)

August 10, 2011

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I can’t believe that he’s 9 months already! When his mom emailed me to set up this shoot, she said, “Before I know it, he’s going to be going to college!”

I’ve had particular fun with this family because they have had me capture the milestones: newborn, 3 months, 6 months, and now, 9 months. And it’s been so much fun watching little Garrison grow. He’s always been a stylish kid, but now he’s getting to that fun, interactive stage where smiles are easier to come by and we even got some giggles.

We went to a nearby park this time and had a little picnic. Garrison loved it!!

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