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Hi, I'm Emily.

A list that continues to expand, stretch, and groan with growing pains.  So many things to do in this one life I’ve been given.  I love every minute of it. (Well, sometimes…because–and let’s be honest here–not every day consists of travel, laughter, and happiness.  I’m learning to love the minutes of those other days too.)  -E

take a writing class | commit an absolutely selfless act | be part of a flash mob | sink my toes into the sand of the Califonia beaches | have a picnic lunch in Central Park | smile so much it hurts | start my own full-time business | go to the top of the Eiffel Tower | visit Rome | take a gondola ride | donate my hair | go to a Broadway show | wear high heels in Las Vegas | buy a house | be debt free | see the changing of the guards in London | walk the Champs Elysees | people-watch in Hollywood | keep a pet fish alive for more than a month | adopt a child | tell my husband every day that I love him | own a pair of royal blue high heels | hike through a rainforest | run a half marathon | join PPA or another photography accreditation organization |  sing in my church choir | own a grand piano | get a Monroe piercing | walk on the glass walkway over the Grand Canyon | go to a major league baseball game | eat a hotdog at said baseball game | write a book | read a classic novel | live with a host family | complete a 365-day challenge of taking and posting online 1 picture per day | make a cookbook | learn horseback riding | visit the Egyptian pyramids | get up early enough to see the sun rise in the summer | have an acupuncture treatment and overcome my fear of needles | ride a camel | go on a vacation with a girl friend | create a Photoshop action | become a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) | witness the birth of a child (not my own) | volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter | go zip-lining | dance on a stripper pole | learn to play tennis | fly in a hot-air balloon | swim with dolphins | go snorkeling | after snorkeling, work up to scuba diving | fly first class | see the Mona Lisa | learn a new language (Italian?) | gamble | fall in love | sleep on 1000 thread count sheets | ride in an Amish buggy | give to someone in need | win something | eat authentic fish and chips from a London restaurant | get a Tempur Pedic mattress | meet someone famous | write a blog | be a vegetarian for two weeks | host an international student | find “horny Moses” in the Saint Sulpice stained glass windows | get a teacup pig for a pet | run in the rain | grow a garden | plant a tree | invent something | be in the audience of a TV show taping | crochet a blanket | go on an African safari | tithe | ring a church bell | make a font | avoid sunburns | give a speech | lay in the grass and read a book | become a proud American | take inventory of my purse | step in a London phone booth | go parasailing | learn to swim without plugging my nose | pet a tiger | be unafraid of the dark | get a motorcycle license | spend a night in the underwater hotel in Dubai | wipe away someone’s tears | go naked at a nude beach | test drive a Ferrari | participate in a food fight | face a fear…and conquer it | be in Times Square for New Year’s Eve | go whale watching (and see a whale) | be happy | read the news more often | ride the London Eye | know a current world news fact before my husband | laugh for no reason at all | make carrot cookies like my grandma | shoot a gun | learn to golf | give someone I genuinely don’t like a genuine compliment | ride a double ferris wheel | throw a penny into a fountain and make a wish | visit British Columbia | ride the Chunnel between London and Paris | dance in the moonlight | live overseas for at least half a year | teach my child to count from 1 to 10 in Uzbek | laugh until my stomach hurts | treasure even the smallest of life’s gifts


  1. Emily says:

    Rookie mistake. One thousand thread count. Haha.

  2. Carla says:

    What's with the 100 THREAT count sheets? Threatening because they are such terribly scratchy sheets???

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