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Hi, I'm Emily.

  • The return of my favorite TV shows. Our DVR is once again in steady business.
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in “Slice of Heaven”. It’s a beautiful, muted pink that works with every outfit.
  • My new boots! I have the hardest time buying boots because I apparently have very large calves. I have ordered boots with all kinds of “extended sizes” and “wide calf” descriptions and I’ve sent them all back because they don’t fit. This is ridiculous. Can’t a girl just have a pair of boots?! Enter Payless, of all places. Boots that fit my calves and that look cute. I’m going to rock these until they have holes in them…and then I might have to patch them since apparently no one makes boots for people with normal legs. (Apparently, they only carried these boots for a few weeks because they no longer have them in stock.)
  • I obsess over fall because it’s my favorite time of year. Right now, in October, the colors are perfect. The trees are every shade of red, orange, and green that you can imagine. It’s the most beautiful sight to behold.
  • My husband. This month I have an even greater appreciation for him. I was talking to my best friend about my grandma’s recent death and it really struck me, when looking back, how in every moment of my grief, he was there. I can see him through my teary memory just to my side, pocketing my used tissues, holding me, kissing my head, or putting a hand on my back just to let me know he was nearby. He didn’t demand to take care of me and was completely gracious in allowing me grieving time with my parents and siblings, but he always stayed just close enough that I could, in an instant, fall into him when needed. When hard times come, I feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful partner who will always have my back.
  • I have just crossed into the 300s for my running mileage this year. I plan to be done with 365 miles by Thanksgiving. Another thing to cross off my bucket list.



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I'm Emily and I'm so happy you're here! This blog is a journal about my life and my latest work. Stay a while and say hello!

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