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Hi, I'm Emily.

A Google search brought Jen and I together. I had been testing my website SEO and so I was searching for North Liberty Photographers to make sure that my name came up. I stumbled across her name (among many others), liked the ring of her last name, and clicked on her blog. I randomly left a comment on one of her posts, she responded by commenting on one of mine, we decided to meet for coffee, and now, we have become good friends. This summer she started second-shooting for me and we’re in talks to keep this arrangement going for next year’s weddings!

There are many things that I love about Jen, including her honesty and quick smile. After having met her husband, Josh, a few months ago, I figured out that he’s the one who can trigger that quick smile faster than anyone else. Well, with one exception perhaps: Einstein.

Cutest dog ever, right? If he ever goes missing, Jen might want to check my house first. 🙂

Photographing photographers can be challenging (aside from Jen being a fellow photographer, Josh second-shoots for Jen too!), but Josh and Jen were awesome with turning off their inner photographer and following my direction. This is a special trait that few photographers can master. Also, to be honest, it’s a little nerve-racking photographing other photographers, but these guys, well, these two are just too genuine to make my jittery.

The lighting here is just so delicious, I could eat it!

Isn’t he handsome? His smile is like a thousand watts of warmth.

And Jen, my gosh, lady… You are so gorgeous that words are in vain.

This right here is my favorite photo! Hands down. Completely unscripted, oozing love and life, and perfectly portraying their sweetest.

Josh, Jen, and Einstein…thank you. Thank you for being completely you and for allowing me to capture that.


  1. Robyn Nye- Rasmussen says:

    Very cool way to meet! Funny enough I just stumbled across this while also searching SEO for North Liberty Family Photographer hoping that I may show up. 🙂 I always adore your beautiful work as well as Jen’s… So many talented photographers that I hope to live up to someday! I would love to meet up with the two of you over coffee sometime!

  2. Kathy says:

    These are just beautiful! Magazine cover worthy!

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