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Kelli & Michael

A Fossil Gorge Summer Engagement Shoot





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They met during their freshman year of college. “I was friends with his roommate and thought he was really cute, had good manners, and had the prettiest eyes and teeth,” Kelli said. “I was scared to talk to her,” Michael added.

They started talking (and dating) after they both transferred to different schools. “We really grew up together; from school to long distance dating to moving to Florida together and getting our sweet puppy, Ryder. I knew he was the one when I could not picture my life without him in it!”

Michael knew he wanted to propose on the beach, but was very nervous he would spoil the surprise. Kelli said it was a surprise which “if you know me I hate surprises.” They had talked about getting married and looked at rings so she knew it was in the future, but had zero idea when it would happen. “I had been asking Michael to come to a sunset with me the night before and he didn’t want to so I actually went to the same beach he proposed at the night before by myself to have a peaceful sunset. The next day after my clinical at the hospital, we had plans to go out to eat with Michael’s parents and aunts. After dinner I asked Michael if we could go to the beach and watch the sunset since we were close and, surprisingly, he said yes after saying no the night before. His parents came with us and everyone was a little panicked because we could not find parking, thinking we were going to miss the sunset. Meanwhile, I was sitting there not worried at all because I just watched it yesterday so it was not a big deal if we missed the sunset tonight…little did I know. (I am obsessed with sunsets and have always said I want to get engaged at the beach during a sunset.)”

“As soon as we got home from dinner,” Michael said, “I looked at my dad and told him it was happening tonight. He was very excited and grabbed the ring and waited in the car. We are all in the car driving to the beach racing against time of the sun setting. Not able to find a spot to park, my dad found a spot which, looking back now, probably wasn’t a legal spot. I wanted to take a picture and, during the time to get ready, I grabbed the ring and was down on one knee behind her. She was unaware until I grabbed her arm. I think I blacked out as I can’t honestly remember what I said but she said yes!”

Michael described Kelli as being, “passionate, caring, and driven” and admires her drive to achieve her dreams. Kelli said Michael is so patient “which I could use some of sometimes! He is so caring and loving and patient.” They are getting married next year and are both so excited to “finally being married and starting the rest of our lives together.”

We had the best time at the fossil gorge when they were both in town over the 4th of July and I am so excited to hang out with them again at their wedding. Just look at how adorable these two are together!


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