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Hi, I'm Emily.

After my crazy day of traveling on Wednesday, I laid in bed that night and mumbled, “I’m so glad to be home.”

“Home” the next morning (Thursday) was not as lovely. When Kevin got up, he found water in our basement…covering our entire basement floor.

I feel like prior to this–when people would say their basement flooded–I didn’t really know what that meant. I mean, I knew what it literally meant, but I didn’t know what it meant emotionally. And there is a big difference between those two things.

Perhaps it was the stress of the travels the day before or the exhaustion of the last several days with little sleep. Or maybe it had something to do with the water damage we just got done fixing last Thursday, finally, from two days after we closed on our house. Or maybe it was just being overwhelmed with the reality that our basement, with all of my business equipment and our den area and my piano and storage…that place was flooded with water.

I’ll be honest, my very first reaction to the news was not even to go look at it. My first reaction when Kevin came and woke me up was to start sobbing. Like, from dead sleep to full on sobs in 45 seconds.

I just kept repeating, “Why is this happening to us? Why is this happening?” We seem to be the most unlucky homeowners ever. Our experience just keeps getting worse and worse and with that comes so much stress and so much money. Six weeks ago today we signed the closing papers and the only floor of our house that hasn’t been damaged now has been our upstairs. (I’m praying it remains that way.)

I know that part of this comes with expectations. Had we purchased a fixer-upper house, I would’ve expected to be pouring money into remodeling and updating. But we purchased a wonderful home that was ready to move in. To have had so many things go wrong in such a short period of time has been both stressful and tiring.

If there is any good in all of this, it is that Kevin and I have learned to lean hard into each other for support. We have been blessed to have my parents so close; they have come to our rescue now more times that I can count.

Yes, it sucks and, yes, I have cried more times in the last two days than I have in a long time, but we will make it through this. Just like we’ve made it through the last catastrophe.

(Ironically, water has become somewhat of an enemy to us. Every single mishap in this house in the last 6 weeks has been because of water…)


  1. Anna Nesseth says:

    That sucks, hope things get better with the homeownership for your two. Our first house’s basement had a Spring where we had water coming in and I can empathize with you that it is no fun and the cause of much stress + tears. You learn very quickly the sarcasm behind the saying “Happy Home-Owners”. Really hope this is the last of the water problems for you!

  2. Stacey LaCoursiere says:

    I’m so sorry! Things WILL get better. Look on the positive that you have family around to help you through this storm. I know that’s hard, but trust me its so much harder without family! Love ya girly!

  3. Melissa Fogg-Photographer says:

    aww 🙁 poor thing! It’ll get better! I can relate to how you feel, we are currently living in a basement apartment and have had to get rid of about 1/3 of our belongings (including my wedding dress :'( ) it’s not easy but it will get better! feel better lovey I’ll be thinkin of you!

  4. Jill Casper Luton says:

    I’m so sorry sweet friend. I’ll be praying for you two.

  5. Emily Crall Photography says:

    Today marks 6 weeks since we closed on our house. Can someone please assure me that things will get better?

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