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Kristal & Luke

A Glen Oaks Country Club Des Moines Spring Engagement Shoot





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Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0173.jpg

She turned him down on his first three requests for a date. She wanted to make sure he was truly interested. He was definitely interested and didn’t give up. Their first date was really laid back–like them–and they ended up spending hours outside on the deck talking. “We wanted to put everything out on the table to make sure the other person was serious about a relationship and we could possibly be compatible,” she says. “After that night, I knew Luke was somebody I wanted to continue to get to know. He seemed like everything I could ever want in a partner.”

A little over a year passed as they continued to pursue their relationship. “I had just gotten done playing a round of golf with all the guys in my family,” Luke fills in. “We were sitting down for dinner and the sun was setting over the course. My sister knew of the plan so she had her camera ready. I asked Kristal if she wanted to step outside and take a picture together so I could cool down.”

Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0174.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0175.jpg

Kristal continues the story, “We were outside on the back patio overlooking the golf course when Luke’s brother-in-law came outside. He commented to another couple how cute of a couple Luke and I were and joked around with them about how we should get married. I didn’t think anything of it, but when I turned back around to joke with Luke about it, he was down on one knee! Though the details get foggy for me after that, I think he said, ‘Well, should we?'”

Kristal & Luke are planning their wedding at Glen Oaks Country Club in West Des Moines this fall so it was a treat to be able to photograph their engagement session there as well. I have loved getting to know these two and cannot wait to document their wedding for them!

Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0176.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0177.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0179.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0180.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0178.jpg

Later this fall, they’ll celebrate their first dance right here… It’s going to be stunning!

Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0181.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0182.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0183.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0184.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0185.jpg

They met at CrossFit and love to work out together and stay active. Yet when she says that she most admires that he is a strong person, it’s obvious she isn’t just referring to his physical strength. “I look to him often for reassurance. He never seems to waiver. He has a big heart and has such patience with me. He also has a great sense of humor.” He adds that he loves her sense of humor as well. “She is kind, giving, and determined.”

Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0186.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0187.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0188.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0189.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0190.jpg Glen Oaks Wedding - K&L © Emily Crall_0191.jpg


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