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A list of some of our favorite children's books (and how to find them for cheap!)

When I was pregnant, some of my favorite gifts were children’s books. Growing up, I have so many memories of story times and, as a result, I became a lover of books. If there is one thing I am willing to spend money on, it isn’t baby clothes or toys, but rather, books.

In no time at all, Henry’s bookshelf in his room became full and overflowed into the living room. I’m not even mad about it.

I have no scientific theory for what books to read to him at this age (though I’m sure many others do). He looks at the pictures, but mostly just likes hearing my voice reading to him so I read a mixture of baby board books and more advanced books (like Curious George, Frog & Toad, Robert McCloskey books, etc.). This is in part because, for my own sanity, I need to be able to read some actual sentences that don’t rhyme every once in a while.

As far as investment goes, books can be expensive. I have found that, if purchasing new, I get the best deal on Amazon. Sometimes I will purchase the “used-good” condition books on there because they’ll be listed as low as $0.01 and, even with the $3.99 shipping, it’s still several dollars cheaper than purchasing brand new. Whenever I go to consignment stores, I always hit up the book shelves too. I have found a lot of great books there in really good condition for $1 or less. And lastly, garage sales are awesome for finding books! Books take up space (and are heavy) so people are always sorting through their collections and putting them out on their garage sales. The Curious George book listed below I got at a garage sale last year for $0.10; it’s listed price is $30.

When I hear about or see a book that I want to get, I put it on Henry’s wishlist on Amazon so when I’m out at a consignment store or run across a sale somewhere, I can browse the list quickly to see if they have any of the books that I really, really want. If not, it’s no big deal because I usually still find books that I didn’t have on the list that are equally fun.

So here is a non-comprehensive list of some of our favorite books right now (he’s 5 months old as I type this) with links to Amazon.

(To note: a few authors who are always great are Sandra Boynton, Karen Katz, Holly Hobbie, Nancy Tillman, Giles Andreae, Olivier Dunrea, Robert McCloskey, Mo Willems, and Greg Pizzoli. I am always on the hunt for these authors and snag any used books by them that I can!)


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  3. Carla Whipple says:

    These pictures of you reading to him are so sweet!!!

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