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Kristen & Tim

An Old Brick Iowa City Spring Wedding





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OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0003.jpgOld Brick is a corner church in downtown Iowa City. I love how small, but timeless it is. The steps (lots of steps!), the brick, and the steeple make you feel like you’re walking into a bit of history, which I suppose you are! One of the things I loved most about Kristen & Tim’s wedding there was their use of white and light pink to make the space look bright and airy.

I had first met up with Kristen & Tim last fall for their engagement session at Wilson’s Apple Orchard and I first fell in love with her hair (for real! Just look at her beautiful hair!) and then I fell in love with their sweet interactions. I found out from their family that they are both stubborn people, but the beautiful thing about their relationship is that they have managed to balance out the stubbornness in each other. They listen, they care, they compromise.

Their wedding day was filled with family and friends, laughter, and the most delicious brick oven pizza during cocktail hour. It was such a perfect day and I’m just so thrilled to show you some of my favorite images.

OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0004.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0005.jpg
OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0006.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0007.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0008.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0009.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0010.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0011.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0012.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0013.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0014.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0015.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0016.jpgKristen, you are absolutely stunning!
OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0017.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0018.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0019.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0020.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0021.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0022.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0023.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0024.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0025.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0026.jpgAfter a muggy start to the day, the rain broke during the ceremony and provided some much-needed relief to the humidity in the evening!
OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0027.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0028.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0029.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0030.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0031.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0032.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0033.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0034.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0035.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0036.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0037.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0038.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0039.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0040.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0041.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0042.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0043.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0044.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0045.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0046.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0047.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0048.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0049.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0050.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0051.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0052.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0053.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0054.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0055.jpgWe snuck back outside during the last hour of sunlight to grab a few more photos and I’m so glad we did! These are some of my favorites from the day!
OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0056.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0057.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0058.jpg OldBrickIowaCityWedding_KT_EmilyCrall_0059.jpg

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Photography: Emily Crall Photography
Venue: Old Brick Church
Florals: Every Bloomin’ Thing
Cake Artist: Deluxe Cakes & Pastries
Caterer: Maggie’s Farm Wood-Fired Pizza
DJ: Unique Events of Iowa
Invitations & Paper Goods: Wedding Paper Divas


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    Beautiful photographs of a lovely wedding!

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