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Sarah & Nathan

An Amana Festhalle Barn Fall Wedding





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It’s always an honor to photograph a couple’s wedding day, but even more so when it’s a family member of a past couple! In this case, I’ve had the honor of photographing both of the Winn sisters’ weddings and I just adore their family so much! (Emily & Owen just celebrated their 2nd anniversary a few weeks ago.) While Sarah takes the credit for introducing Emily & Owen, Emily takes the credit for pushing Sarah & Nathan together.

In their young age, Sarah & Nathan have already faced a lot of heartbreak together, both losing their fathers. Later in the evening, Nathan spoke to their guests saying when his dad passed away, Sarah stepped right in when he didn’t know how to go on. She knew what to say, what to do, and how to write thank you cards to people who had blessed them through the heartache. She softly inserted, “Because I had been there just a few years before.” It was an amazing gift to see both families celebrating the wedding day with joy even while missing the patriarchs.

Sarah & Nathan were married in the Amanas and we kept commenting how much we lucked out with slightly lower temperatures than is typical in late August since neither the church nor the reception at the Amana Festhalle Barn were air conditioned. But prior to all of that, the ladies started the day in Cedar Rapids at The Redhead Salon & Blow Dry Bar where there’s a perfect space upstairs for getting ready and relaxing.

How many times do I profess my love for a good ballgown?! I’ll never stop. This gown had everything. Lightweight fabric that ruffled in the breeze, pockets, buttons, and the perfect mixture of lace and fun.

AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0188.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0189.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0190.jpg

AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0191.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0192.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0193.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0194.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0195.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0196.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0197.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0198.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0199.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0200.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0201.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0202.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0203.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0204.jpgSarah & Nathan opted for a first look and it was so perfect!
AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0205.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0206.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0207.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0208.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0209.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0210.jpgSarah’s beautiful bouquet was wrapped with photo charms of both her and Nathan’s fathers as well as their wedding bands and wedding photos.
AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0211.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0212.jpg

Nathan and the gentlemen looked so sharp in this perfect suit combination! Nathan gives Sarah credit for how everything came together and you could see her attention to detail in all the pieces of the day.

AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0213.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0214.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0215.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0216.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0217.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0218.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0219.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0220.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0221.jpgThe perfect thing about a wedding in the Amanas is that you can simply turn 90 degrees to the right and you’ll have a completely new scene to shoot!
AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0222.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0223.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0224.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0225.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0226.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0227.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0228.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0229.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0231.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0232.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0233.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0234.jpgThe flower girl wasn’t interested in photos and I think it’s heartbreakingly precious.
AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0235.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0236.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0237.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0238.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0239.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0240.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0241.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0242.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0243.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0244.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0245.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0246.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0247.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0248.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0249.jpgSarah’s uncle walked her down the aisle and gave her away just like her sister had done a two years ago with another uncle.
AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0250.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0251.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0252.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0253.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0254.jpg

These white walls and expansive windows were giving me all kinds of heart eyes. What a perfect church to photograph in!

AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0255.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0256.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0257.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0258.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0259.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0260.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0261.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0262.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0263.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0264.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0265.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0266.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0267.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0268.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0269.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0270.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0271.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0272.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0273.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0274.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0275.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0276.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0277.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0278.jpg


AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0279.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0280.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0281.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0282.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0283.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0284.jpgLate in the evening, we stepped out for some fresh air and some last photos. I can’t stop smiling at these two.
AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0285.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0286.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0287.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0288.jpg AmanaFesthalleBarnWedding_EmilyCrall_0289.jpg

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Photography: Emily Crall Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Alyce Arnold
Videography: Stang Films
Makeup & Hair: The Redhead Salon & Blow Dry Bar
Bridal & Maids’ Gowns: Bridal Elegance
Suits: Men’s Wearhouse
Florals: Johnson Avenue Hy-Vee
Cake Artist: Johnson Avenue Hy-Vee Bakery
Catering: Dostal Catering
DJ: Z-Music DJs
Paper Suite: Minted
Linens: Celebration Linens
Ceremony Venue: Amana Community Church
Vocalist & Musicians: Tyler Haub, Colleen Ferguson, Rebecca Bressanelli
Reception Venue: Amana Festhalle Barn


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