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Beth & Jim

A Celebration Farm Iowa City Fall Wedding





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CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0044.jpgBeth & Jim’s Celebration Farm wedding day was a perfect celebration of their many years together and their perseverance through long-distance and college then grad & med school. They are both brilliant people and yet they have such genuine hearts and a quirky sense of humor that makes them both adorable and also incredibly lovable.

Beth had made sure to have all of her wedding garments hung and ready for me when we got to the farm. The flowers were carefully laid out, her Badgley Mischka heels were resting on the bench in the bridal suite, and her stunning Rivini bridal gown was hanging on the hook, just waiting for her to step into it.
CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0045.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0046.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0047.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0048.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0049.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0050.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0051.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0052.jpgEveryone agreed that if physical therapy doesn’t work out, Beth should become a professional bridal model.
CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0053.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0054.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0055.jpgThis was a moment that I treasure. Beth’s grandmother had passed away before the wedding day arrived, but had made this stunning veil for Beth to wear. Beth was completely dressed and the veil was the last thing before that “ta-da” completed bridal moment. Just prior to putting it on, Beth broke into tears, missing her special grandmother who couldn’t be there in person, but was definitely there in spirit. I love this moment that Beth and her mom shared.
CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0056.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0057.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0058.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0059.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0060.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0061.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0062.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0063.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0064.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0065.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0066.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0067.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0068.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0069.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0070.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0071.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0072.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0073.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0074.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0075.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0076.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0077.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0078.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0079.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0080.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0081.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0082.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0083.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0084.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0085.jpg

The weather could not have been more perfect; there was a beautiful breeze stirring the leaves on the trees and the sun was dipping over the treeline. The temps hit the high 70s and it smelled of fall.

CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0086.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0087.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0088.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0089.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0090.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0091.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0092.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0093.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0094.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0095.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0096.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0097.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0098.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0099.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0100.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0101.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0102.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0103.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0104.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0105.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0106.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0107.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0108.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0109.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0110.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0111.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0112.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0113.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0114.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0115.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0116.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0117.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0118.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0119.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0120.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0121.jpgThe best man surprised them with a personalized song. And the maid of honor surprised them with a flash mob dance. I think the shock of it all just kept piling on as more and more people joined in.
CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0122.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0123.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0124.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0125.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0126.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0127.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0128.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0129.jpg

During dinner, I had grabbed Beth & Jim for some quick photos outside. It was the most spectacular timing because the sun was just dipping over the horizon, but the last few rays snuck through the trees surrounding the pond.

CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0130.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0131.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0132.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0133.jpg CelebrationFarmwedding_JB_EmilyCrall_0134.jpg

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Photography: Emily Crall Photography
Makeup: Jade Engler
Hair: Casey Turner
Bridal Gown: Rivini from Bella Bianca
Bridesmaid Gowns: Bill Levkoff from Weddings by Design
Suits: Men’s Wearhouse
Florals: Wolf Floral
Cupcake Artist: Scratch Cupcakery
Catering: Bread Garden Market
DJ, Uplighting, & Photo Booth: Unique Events of Iowa
Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Celebration Farm Amphitheatre and Double Round
Live Music: Jesse Drtina & Emma Drtina
Officiant: Frank Harris 


  1. Rhea Green says:

    A beautiful wedding, I can see why it took 18 months to plan. A stunning bride and groom.

  2. Jodie Brotherton says:


  3. Annette Conzett says:

    Loved seeing these beautiful pictures of a very beautiful wedding, Pam. Gorgeous!

  4. Kelcy Hanson says:

    This may be the prettiest wedding I’ve ever seen!

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