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Sara & Corey

A Lake MacBride Fall Engagement Shoot





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LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0248.jpgThey met in person for the first time at Backpocket Brewery on a Tuesday night. They were both busy and had a hard time finding a coordinating time when they were both available. “I was out of town, then he was out of town. We exchanged texts in the meantime. Nothing major–small talk, really–but I remember saying to a friend, ‘I really kind of like this guy over text. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be lame in person.’ He did not.”

“We had a couple of drinks and that was it. On our first dating anniversary, we went back there and say at the same table and talked about what we remembered about that date. It was interesting because Corey remembered more specifics like what we talked about and that I had to sit by the fire because I was cold. I remember how I felt. It was easy, comfortable conversation. I had a feeling he was really genuine and kind and I knew I wanted to see him again. That was unusual for me. I didn’t just want to give him one more try; this time, I was actually hoping for a second date.”

I met Sara & Corey for their Lake MacBride engagement session and the fall colors were starting to peak. They brought along their dog, Lucy, and she was thrilled to be adventuring on such a beautiful evening.
LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0249.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0250.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0251.jpg

I asked them both when they knew, you know, this was the one. I loved their differing responses. Sara said, “I can’t pinpoint an exact moment when I knew. Over time I came to realize that life was always better with him than without him. When I was with Corey, I was more relaxed and less stressed. We had fun all the time–with each other, with our families, and with our friends. It was exciting to make plans for the future together.” Corey added that he knew when he found himself singing Billy Joel with her in the car. “I don’t sing in front of anyone.” 

LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0252.jpgThey got engaged in March on a trip to Scotland. “Since we were flying out of Dublin, we decided to spend an extra day in Ireland and I talked Corey into driving across the island to the Cliffs of Moher. We arrived in Dublin late so we visited some little pubs and decided to go to the cliffs in the morning.

“The next morning we got an early start and after getting lost a few times, finally found our way to the cliffs. It was a perfect day. Rain had been in the forecast, but it turned out to be sunny and clear. We walked along the trail and the entire time, we only met one other person. When we were standing out on one cliff, Corey put his arm around me, turned me to face him, and started his proposal. I remember him saying, ‘I want to spend all of life’s adventures with you.’ But after that when I realized what was happening, my mind went blank and I can’t remember anything else he said except when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.”
LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0253.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0254.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0255.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0256.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0257.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0258.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0259.jpgAt the start of every engagement session, couples are always a little stiff, not of any fault of their own, but because it’s a new experience being in front of the camera like this. Sara & Corey absolutely nailed it however! As the time progressed, they just kept getting better until at the end, I actually asked if they often take photos together because they seemed so comfortable. Some of my favorites were near the end when the sun was dipped over the horizon, leaving this beautiful orange glow over the trees.

Like this…ahhh, Sara, you are stunning!

LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0261.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0262.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0263.jpg LakeMacBrideEngagementFall_EmilyCrall_SC_0264.jpg

Sara has perfect skin. Those freckles are an envy of mine. (Ironically, I had another bride this summer, Corrie, who also had perfect freckles that I wanted to steal.)



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  2. Teresa Graff says:

    LOVE THEM!!!

  3. Mary Bloes Phillips says:

    Awesome!!! Love them!!!

  4. Kaye Nick Halvorson says:

    Fabulous! However will you choose?

  5. Reta Sherwood-Schultz says:

    Oops. Great pics, not Greg.lol

  6. Reta Sherwood-Schultz says:

    Greg pictures and your story is so sweet it made me cry. Congratulations!

  7. Judy Steinbeck says:

    These are beautiful..just like your love story. I am so happy for you.

  8. Sara Comer says:

    Thanks, Emily! You do such beautiful work!

  9. Kathy Robbins Speicher says:

    Congrats!! Wish you two all the best!!!!

  10. Mary Lehman says:

    Wonderful pictures!

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