October 28, 2015

Wedding Tips Wednesday : Hem Weights


Let’s talk about hem weights. You may have never heard of them or, better yet, only heard of them used for curtains.

Hem weights are a brilliant idea for all bridesmaids gowns, but especially so if they are short. Here’s an example of what weighting a dress does when it’s windy.

There are a few options for hem weights:

  1. Individual weights that are sewn into the hem of the skirt like these.
  2. Weighted cord that’s sewn into the entire hem like this.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen bridesmaids struggling holding down their skirt, while also carrying their bouquet and trying to smile and not trip down the aisle during outdoor weddings. Even if your wedding ceremony will be inside, most or all of your photos will be outside and those little weights in the hem will be a brilliant save both for modesty and for the final photos.

Also, Duchess Catherine’s dresses (and the Queen’s) have weights sewn into the hems so you know it’s a good idea, paparazzi or not.

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