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Hi, I'm Emily.

Everyone tells you to enjoy your wedding day. Soak it in. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy.

And you should!

But then the wedding day is over. You wake up the next morning married to your best friend. Maybe you’re jetting off for your vacation honeymoon right away or maybe you’re putting it off until winter. You’re lying there with thousands of sweet memories floating around in your head as you reminisce about the day before with a smile on your lips.

Now my true job as a storyteller comes into effect. I get the honor of taking the images from your perfect wedding day and putting them into a visual storybook for you. There’s something indescribable about holding a fine art album in your hands and opening the pages to see that fine art album is YOUR wedding day told only in photos.

The Legacy Wedding Album by Emily Crall_0004

The Legacy Wedding Album by Emily Crall_0005

Strictly from a design standpoint, I start the process with what I think are the best images of the day spread out in cohesive and clean layouts. I love white space. I love clean lines. I love that the photos get to do all the talking.

It’s not until I’m done with the initial design that I bring you in on it for review. There are hundreds of images from your wedding day and it would be so overwhelming (and what a disservice that would be!) if I said, “Pick 50 favorites.” No way.

The thing is, all of the photos are going to be your favorites because all of the photos are a part of your favorite day.

Most couples end up with anywhere from 12-40 spreads. It’s quite a range, I know. My average initial design has about 20-30 spreads and you can choose to add more, take some out, or leave it as it is. That’s the beauty of collaboration! You get the final product exactly as you want it.

Here are some examples of real wedding album layouts:

The only other thing left to do after the design is finalized is to pick a cover image and a leather color. My lab creates some of the most beautiful, stunning albums I’ve ever held and I’m so glad that my clients get to have that same experience as they cherish their album and pass it down to the generations that follow them.

The Legacy Wedding Album by Emily Crall_0011

There are two sizes shown: 10×10 and 8×8. (The 8×8 shown is the linen engagement signing album.)

The Legacy Wedding Album by Emily Crall_0007

Now it’s just up to you to look through it and enjoy the memories! And someday, in a very long time, your grandchildren will be looking through this same album as you tell them the story of how you met.

The Legacy Wedding Album by Emily Crall_0009The Legacy Wedding Album by Emily Crall_0008The Legacy Wedding Album by Emily Crall_0006


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