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What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos: A Visual Guide

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When it comes to an engagement session, most brides-to-be suddenly panic over what to wear. It’s typically the first professional photo session the bride and groom have ever had together and these photos will often be sent out as their save-the-dates or, at the very least, framed on their bedside table. So, eek, what to wear?

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Coordinate without matching. What I mean is if you are both wearing a green tops and jeans, you’ll look like you are coworkers in uniform. Instead, opt for a mixture of patterns and accessories to blend your color choices without looking exactly alike.
  2. Accessorize and make your outfits your own! Scarves, bold necklaces, and fun shoes are always welcomed! This most often applies to the bride, but grooms can accessorize too! I’ve seen some pretty amazing shoe choices coming from the guys!
  3. Most patterns are okay, but try to stay away from graphics. If you’re wearing a pattern (like plaid), make sure it’s not too loud or distracting.
  4. I’ll remind you to empty your pockets both at your engagement session and on your wedding day. You wouldn’t believe the things that come out of pockets, but ultimately, phones, key chains, lip gloss, etc. can all be seen as an outline in your clothing. I’ll have my camera bag that you can throw stuff into and a lot of brides will carry a clutch with some of those quick touchup items, like lipstick.
  5. Two outfits are ideal. Most couples will have one more casual and one dressier outfit. This will give your session two different looks. I recommend starting with the dressy outfit first.
  6. Make sure whatever you choose to wear is something that you’re comfortable in! I’m not talking just heels versus flats, but rather something that you would otherwise wear. If you never, ever wear dresses, you probably don’t want to wear a dress for your engagement session. It won’t look like you. Dress in something that you like and that you feel comfortable wearing.
  7. Clean your ring. I often photograph the engagement ring when you’re changing between the two outfits and the cleaner the ring, the brighter the bling.
  8. An engagement session is a great time to do a trial makeup/hair run! You’ll be able to see exactly how your makeup looks on camera before the wedding day and you’ll feel extra pampered and pretty.
  9. Heels elongate a female body. If you wear heels for your session, you may want to bring a pair of flats to slip into if we have to walk through any tricky spots to get to where we are going to photograph you.
  10. Lastly, relax. You look gorgeous and you’re with the love of your life. We’re going to have fun, trust me.


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