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Henry: Eighteen Months





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Hi, I'm Emily.

My sweet boy,

How do I put into words the joy you bring? I’ve been fumbling around, just staring into space, trying to figure out how to tell you all that I feel. I guess the fact of the matter is, you’ll never actually know until you have a child of your own. It’s a weird truth, but a truth nonetheless.

Summer is in full swing which means we are outside a lot and have been trying out new parks in the area (so as not to get bored), splash pads, the pool, and our own outdoor activities here at home like your water table and inflatable pool. You like both, but they can’t compare to the allure of the garden hose. We go for walks both with the stroller and your wagon (you like the wagon better; I like the stroller better) and you particularly love meeting any dogs along the way.

Speaking of dogs, you’re obsessed. It’s interesting to me because we don’t have any pets, but somewhere along the way you latched onto dogs and you think they are the treasure of the earth, along with any large-wheeled vehicles (city buses, school buses, construction trucks, garbage trucks, food trucks, UPS trucks, etc.). Whenever you see any of the previously mentioned, you let out this reeaaalllly high-pitched squeal of excitement. Luckily for you, we live in a neighborhood that has plenty of everything and our neighbor two-doors down has a bright orange food truck which lights up your life to no end. It’s easily your favorite sighting.

Being chased in your favorite sport and you’ll go tearing into our bedroom closet and hide until we come get you. It brings out the biggest shrieks of joy. You’re very shy around new people and people you don’t see all the time. The best way to get you to warm up is just to leave you alone and let you do it on your own. I’ve discovered that pushing you onto someone never works; you just cling to me even more.

A few random things: you love brushing your teeth and get so angry when we make you put your toothbrush away. You love pushing the buttons on your sound machine. It’s your favorite toy. You love dairy of any kid, but particularly cheese and milk. Sharing is a hard concept for you, probably because you don’t really have anyone to share with here at home. We’re working on sharing skills with your friends. When we ask how the bunny goes, you sniff your little nose and it’s so cute! You think saying “piu” is hilarious; it’s the best way to get you to laugh right now.

Summertime means more sink baths and laundry. It means more snacks and water and sunblock. It means a delicate balance of outdoor play while also getting inside to refresh because this heat index lately has been killer.

Summer also brings my busy wedding season with it so I’m working a lot. We’ve found a pretty great balance though with help from your nanny a few mornings a week as well as your continued rock-star naps. I can’t say it’s perfect, but it has allowed me to be able to get my work done as well as spend time with you, which is pretty ideal!

Henry 18 Months.jpg


Your knees (and head and elbows) are constantly getting scrapes and bruises. You used to run into things just because you were still clumsy, but you can walk and run fine now; you just don’t always watch where you’re going. Playing outside a lot has also brought about it’s share of scrapes. I don’t mind except that the first time I noticed these perpetually scraped knees, I knew you were turning in a little boy. Babies don’t have scraped knees.

You are more obsessed with your pacifier than ever before and I fear when we need to get you off of it. Somewhere along the way, we started calling it your giraffe, which is fine except that you also have one that it s a long-horn bull. But the only way you know what we’re talking about is if we say “giraffe”. So, oops, giraffe to you doesn’t mean the long-necked animal; it just means your pacifier.

You recently discovered your dog stuffed animal and you drag it around like it’s your best friend. If we tell you to say “nice puppy”, you go scratch it’s head. You also give it kisses by chewing on it’s nose.

You are growing so quickly, my darling, and I’m still–as always–trying to savor every moment. I love watching the wheels in your brain turn as you discover new things. It reminds me of those beeping computers in the movies cataloging information. You’re just constantly processing everything you see and hear and it’s no wonder you are exhausted by bedtime!

There are moments when I am completely in love with you and happy as can be and there are also moments when I’m frustrated (though still completely in love) and running out of patience. Parenting is no joke, but I wouldn’t trade you for the world, moon or stars.

I am so grateful that I get to be your mama. Truly. I’m so incredibly grateful. You have brought us such happiness. Even on the worst, no-good-very-bad days, you’re the light in my life and I’m glad I get to mother you through the good and hard.

(But let’s be real, your giggles are pretty much my favorite thing.)

I love you always.


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Loves: cheese & milk (and anything dairy-related), “giraffe” & blankie, reading books, being outside, watching & petting dogs, playing at the park, anything with wheels, technology of any kind, crawl-through tunnels, splashing in water
Wears: 18-24M in clothes, size 4 diapers (size 5 overnight)


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