June 1, 2017

Featured on Blushing Bells

It’s been a year since their beautiful wedding day and I love reliving it through their photos. Chanelle & Nik had what might be described as a magical wedding. They were married in her childhood backyard, under the towering tree she used to climb as a kid. The yard backs up to Lake Keomah State Park so the views were breathtaking, with the guests parking in the state park and being ferried over to the ceremony¬†by boat. I have a personal love of ballgown dresses and the color of blush pink so when I saw Chanelle’s blush pink ballgown wedding dress, it took my breath away.

Perhaps one of the loveliest things to happen was Chanelle making the rain-call. It was supposed to rain that day. The forecast was gloomy and rain lurked behind every cloud. A few hours before the ceremony, she had to call it and she decided they’d go ahead with the plan, outside in the backyard. We made it through the entire ceremony without a drop and then for just a few minutes afterwards, it lightly rained, then the sun came out and all that gloominess dissipated.

I’m so honored to have their wedding featured over on Blushing Bells Iowa today!

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