June 12, 2017

Featured on Borrowed & Blue

One of my favorite memories from Caitlin & Brad’s wedding is how happy everyone was despite being miserable in the humidity and heat that day. I rushed through photos faster than I ever had before (or since!) and we were all sweating from every pore in our bodies, but we made it…and the photos don’t show even a drop of sweat. 🙂

I always think a cooperative bridal party deserves way more props than they get. The bride and groom, of course, are going to weather the heat or rain or sun or whatever weather elements get thrown their way because it’s their wedding. But a bridal party who puts up with all of that as well gets credit. They get credit for showing up, smiling, and not complaining because they love their friends who are getting married.

We are in June and already hitting the high-90s with intense humidity so the next few months are going to prove challenging for many more bridal parties, but I am looking forward to meeting so many people who adore their friends more than the discomfort of summer weddings in Iowa.

Caitlin & Brad’s gorgeous wedding from last July is being featured today on Borrowed & Blue and it’s so much fun to look through some of my favorite images again!


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