October 10, 2017

Kent Park Engagement : Brooke & Brandon

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Their first date was at a local ice cream shop. “I was very excited,” Brooke says. “Because we had hung out a few times before that in a group and I thought he was a funny guy with a big ball of energy! I knew he was the one pretty quickly. As we continued to get to know each other, everything about him was just what I was looking for. He had a plan for his life, was motivated, knowledgeable, and always trying to learn more about things. His positive attitude forced me to always stay positive and we just were having a great time traveling together. When we got back from the U.K., I realized we could get through anything together, even driving on the wrong side of the road and trying to navigate in a foreign country with no internet service. If we love each other after those frustrations, we always will.”

Just a few miles from the ice cream shop of their first date, we got together last week for their engagement session. Just as Brooke had warned, Brandon was a ball of energy and full of laughter. Seeing the two of them together was a beautiful (and fun) joy!



When asked how he proposed, Brandon says, “[I] was sitting at work one day and thought to myself, ‘April 22 sounds like a perfect date.’ I already had a birthday party lined up for our dog so it made perfect sense to put an engagement party and birthday party together.”

Brooke adds, “He decided to throw a birthday party for Ike, our dog, and invited people over to grill and bring their dogs. I went to the store to get food because Brandon didn’t plan that. He told me to hurry, but I always get more food than actually necessary. When I got there, I was rushing and wanting him to help me bring the for in and he told me to just wait because he had something to show me on the porch. He brought me outside and I thought it was a hammock or volleyball court in the backyard. He instead turned me around and tried to tell me how much I meant to him, but got choked up.”

“I was going to propose at the lake near by dad’s house,” says Brandon. “But ended up bringing her out on the back deck and filmed with a GoPro I had set up while I asked her to be my wife.”

“We had family and friends come over and we got to surprise them as well with our announcement! It was a great of talking and celebrating with our friends and family!” she says. And she got to show off her sparkling new diamond ring as well!


This is one of my (many) favorite shots from the evening!


The way he makes her laugh. <3

Brooke & Brandon, I’m so excited for your wedding next year!!! If this session was any indication, we are going to have so much fun!

Special thanks to Eden Salon & Spa for Brooke’s hair and makeup.




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