February 27, 2019

Fall Family Session : the Campbells

This family is so special to me. Katy, the lone female of the group, is one of my best friends and we work out together nearly every day with the rest of our best friends. (It’s a totally ideal situation really.) Her youngest son, Noah, is the same age as my son, Henry, so between playing together at the gym while we work out and having play dates together, they are also great friends. When I opened up slots for fall family sessions, the Campbells were one of the first to sign up and I knew I was going to love giving them some updated family photos.

Katy gave me all kinds of warnings beforehand–you know, how moms do–but they all turned out to be completely irrelevant because the boys were angels! She later claimed they have never been so well-behaved, but I absolutely don’t believe her. I mean, case in point:


Angels. Look at that brotherly love!

The weather was so fickle that weekend, but I’m happy to report that I managed to get every single session done and everyone looks decently comfortable despite the sweeping cold air that blew in. At one point, I remember jumping in my car in between two of the back-to-back sessions and blasting my heat to try to stop chattering. But, as I often say at weddings, if you can smile, relax your shoulders, and unclench your fists, your photos will not betray how cold or hot you were!

And look! I’m completely correct.





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