September 18, 2019

Bryn & Jonathon

A Downtown Iowa City Fall Engagement Shoot

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It was just a few weeks after they first met that they went on their first date. “It was beautiful, sunny day,” Bryn said. “It was one of those spring days that felt like the beginning of summer. We had been trying to find a time to meet at night, but me schedule was crazy with law school finals coming up and family events. Since we couldn’t find a weekend night that would work, we decided to meet up on a Saturday morning at a coffee shop instead. The date lasted over three hours, and I don’t think either of us wanted it to end! It was easily the best first date of my life.”

Jonathon said he knew Bryn was the one “when she first met my family. My nieces and nephews absolutely loved her and she was amazing with them. That was huge to me as they are an important part of my life. As well, my family immediately fell in love with her. So much so that sometimes I wondered if they actually like her more than me.”


“I realized pretty quickly after we started dating that he was ‘the one,'” Bryn said. “I don’t think there was one particular moment where I realized he was ‘the one’—it was just a feeling that popped up the more I got to know him. He was different than anyone else I had ever been with, and I just had a gut feeling that he was the one which I had never experienced before. All my friends who are engaged or married told me that ‘when you know, you know,’ and I always thought that was bad advice. When I met Jonathon, though, I started to see the truth in that statement.

“Since the very beginning, he has made me laugh like nobody else ever has, and he is just so easy to be around. I didn’t want our first date to end, and our second date lasted 12 hours! He also doesn’t play games like so many people do. Neither one of us waited after the first date to text each other about a second date—we sent each other texts at the same time to set up a second date.

“I have always felt very comfortable with him and have always been able to just be me with him. I also really liked his family from the first time I met them. His family embraced me wholeheartedly and made me feel so comfortable and wanted. Family is so important to both of us, so once I met his family and they liked me, it really solidified my feeling that he was ‘the one.'”


When it came to the proposal, Jonathon brought in her family to pull off the surprise. “It was a group effort between me, her dad, her mom, and her sister. Her mom ‘decided’ she wanted to do family photos and needed me to take them, thus giving us the element of surprised without raising Bryn’s suspicion. As we are getting ready to leave for the photos, I gave her dad the ring as I didn’t want it in my back pocket until the moment was right because Bryn has this habit of grabbing my butt. When her mom suggested that Bryn and I do a photo together, her dad slipped me the ring, her sister pulled out her phone to take a photo (aka video), and her mom manned the camera. I made some joke about wanting to try a new couple’s pose I had seen online and then got down on one knee and asked the question. She was totally surprised and caught off guard. Afterwards, she admitted that she thought maybe today would be the day, but soon got rid of the idea as she didn’t feel a ring box in my back pocket. Score one for Jonathon for thinking ahead.”

“I was totally surprised,” Bryn added. “I usually ruin surprises by being too nosy, but they all fooled me.”

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