October 3, 2019

Jessica & Chase

A Kalona Fall Engagement Shoot

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They were getting ready to go to Italy when he sat her down and told her the proposal wasn’t going to happen on their vacation because he couldn’t get the ring done in time. “We went all week in Italy, having an amazing time and I never even thought about it because he had told me he didn’t want me waiting all of our vacation for an engagement that wasn’t going to happen [there] and we just needed to enjoy the trip,” Jessica says.

“The place I wanted to go in Italy was the Amalfi Coast. While we were at the Amalfi Coast, we took a walk up a hill that overlooked an amazing view. Chase asked me if I wanted one of those ‘Instagramable pictures’ with the pretty background and I joked, ‘Duh, I love pictures of myself.’ So I turned around and he posed me, told me where to place my hands, said he was waiting for the wind to blow my hair the right direction, and fixed my jacket. I was just taking it all in when he said he finally got it and I turned around he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, like the child I am, jumped up and down in excitement and said yes. We celebrated at a local outdoor restaurant up the street a little bit with champagne!”



Jessica and Chase met back in 2009 and one of their first official dates was a concert at the Iowa State Fair. When he asked her out that night, she actually initially said no. “I thought we didn’t need a label; it was just going to be a summer fling. Whoops.” But that very same weekend, she realized he was the one. “We were supposed to go to his grandparent’s home in Missouri and I thought we should still go. We went and had a great time, however, I got a kidney stone and he had to take me to the emergency room. On the way there, I kept screaming in pain and he looked at me and said, ‘You probably have a kidney stone and if you puke from pain it’s okay.’ I claimed I wouldn’t do that, but within seconds, I threw up all over his new car.

“After 3 hours in the ER, they finally got me back to a room where they officially diagnosed me with a kidney stone. The doctor asked me who Chase was and I went with ‘my boyfriend’ to avoid any awkwardness but he went and ahead and said, ‘Oh really, that’s new.’ So it was awkward either way.

“We left the hospital with meds and went back to his grandparents. We were suppose to go to the Cardinals game the next day and I insisted I wanted to go so he took my drugged-up self to the game and I don’t remember anything but the hot dog. I realized on the way home that he was a pretty good guy and we should date, but I also realized he was the one. If I could puke all over his new car, at his grandparent’s place 7 hours from home, and he still took me to a baseball game… He’s amazing.”

As for Chase, he says he knew pretty quickly. “Pretty early on I knew it was possible. It was more of a question if she could stand me long term than the other way around. I’m pretty easy-going.” They are yin and yang. When Chase listed three things he cannot live without, he immediately said: guns, dogs, fast cars. Whereas Jessica’s answer was: batons, kiddos (my dance students), and pictures! And when I asked what they would do on a date (anywhere in the world, do anything you wanted, for any amount of money), Chase started out by saying, “Mine will be completely opposite of hers.” (He would choose to go somewhere completely secluded like a backwoods cabin in the mountains or in Canada; just be together and go fishing, hunting, hiking, boating. She would choose a trip to New Zealand or Australia and go deep sea fishing, snorkeling, holding a koala bear, seeing kangaroos, eating good food and drinking fun drinks.)

But the beauty of opposite personalities is how well they balance each other out. She describes him as hilarious (“he’s constantly making me laugh and I would love to know where he come sup with half the stuff he says.”), hardworking (“he put 100% into everything he does. He is a determined man and whatever he is working on will get done and get done correctly”), and passionate (“the things he does love, he puts time into”). Jessica adds, “I love that we are opposites because I think that is what makes us work out so well. He teaches me how to take time off and relax when all I do is run around. He shows me the positive in every situation no matter how frustrated I am.”

Chase agrees, “She’s the opposite of me. She cares what people think and she works harder for everyone even if they probably wouldn’t always work harder for her in return. She will quit, but it doesn’t take much to get her back up and going. She hasn’t quit anything for good since I’ve known her. She’s always happy and always sees the best in people.”


We lucked out with the weather for their session. Jessica owns a baton and dance studio (this girl is a decorated pageant girl, most recently Miss Iowa Sweetheart 2018, and amazing twirler and dancer!) and her schedule is packed. Our first date got rained out so we stood together at the gym after our workout, scrolling through our phone calendars, trying to find a date that worked for both of us. We finally landed on this past Monday, but as it approached, there was 90% rain in the forecast. It was at the last moment, literally that morning, when the rain chance dropped. And while we were just thankful to not have the rain, it was a surprise to have the sun pop out for this glorious glow!!

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