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Sometime in the past two years, my kids (now 4 and 7) have become little podcasters, loving the listening aspect of learning. I think it must have started when we took longer day trips to various state parks and wanted non-video entertainment for the trips. They quickly latched on to Mindy and Guy Raz and our podcast world grew rapidly from there.

Wow in the World – new episodes Mondays (plus a short every Friday)

The kids love Guy Raz and Mindy, but Dennis always brings lots of giggles. This podcast is filled with silly antics from Mindy, eye-rolls that you can hear from Guy, and so many interesting scientific facts about the world, whether it’s space, animals, or human bodies! 

Stories Podcast – new episodes Mondays

This is a fun, lighthearted story time. Some stories are familiar (there was recently a Winnie the Pooh story and an episode of One Big Mitten, which is based off the holiday book) and some are folktales. 

The Adventures of Cairo – new episodes Tuesdays

Henry particularly loves this show and it might be because Cairo is also seven years old, just like him. Cairo Carter lives in a big city and each episode features a storyline with one particular lesson to be learned: kindness, safety, sharing, integrity, courage, lying, and even the value of a dollar. 

Circle Round – new episodes Tuesdays

One of our favorite storytelling podcasts, this one is filled with star guests (“who you may know from…”) and adapted folktales from around the world. Hosted by Rebecca Sheir, we came to know her voice long before Who, When, Wow! began. The kids love Rebecca and this is a fun switch from our history and science pods.

Who, When, Wow! – new episodes Wednesdays

This is my personal favorite (kid) podcast because it’s very immersive (sound effects, various voices, and unique interruptions and dialogue between the storyteller, Rebecca, and the Who of the episode. This podcasts focuses heavily on Who’s you may not know, or, at least, know well, and to many women and people of color. Some highlights have been Bessie Coleman, Jim Thorpe, Bass Reeves, Thurgood Marshall, Lewis Latimer, Madam C. J. Walker, Shirley Chisolm, Alicia Alonso, Chien-Shiung Wu, and Zaha Hadid. (Especially fun when Perrin put on a shirt a few months ago and recognized Madam C. J. Walker and Lewis Latmier on it!) 

Melon’s House Party – new episodes Wednesdays

This is a new podcast (in 2021) from Wondery and includes the best original music. Think: a musical podcast involving a dog (Melon) and all the furniture in the house coming alive (they sing “in a key only dogs can hear”) when Luke and Chloe (the humans) are out. We love Rita Record and Couch in particular, but I also find Wall Calendar to be delightful. There’s always a challenge to overcome or a lesson to be learned and, along the way, you’ll want to sing too. 

Flip & Mozi’s Guide to How to be an Earthling – new episodes Thursdays

Another in the Tinkercast family (home to Wow in the World and Who, When, Wow!), Mindy and Guy Raz are back, but in disguised voices, as Flip & Mozi, two aliens who visit Earth and study various animal life around the world. It’s funny and interesting and we always learn so many new facts! 

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids – new episodes Fridays

But Why is a show led by kids! Kids can submit questions they have via audio file and then it’s a search to find the answer. But Who tackles large and small topics like: how much does the moon weigh? Why is Russia invading Ukraine? How did people keep food cold in olden times? Do skyscrapers scrape the sky? How do you whistle? Why can’t kids vote?

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl – new episodes Saturdays

This is like having a kid-friendly DJ in your living room on the weekends! Each episode is around 2 hours of kid songs, but, like, cool songs from the likes of Recess Monkey, Sonia De Los Santos, Mr. Pete’s Playhouse, and The Zing Zangs. 

And I can’t leave out these few honorable mentions:

Julie’s Library

Brains On!

Story Time

Today Explained To Kids

Kids Bible Stories


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