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Nicolette & Casey

A Kiwanis Park Spring Engagement Shoot





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They met almost ten years ago on a Friday night in downtown Iowa City. “She was out with some friends and ran into some friends she knew from classes at Iowa who were there with Casey. “I don’t remember quite what we talked about, but it wasn’t for very long and I just remember thinking he was handsome, while also kind of intimidating with all his wrestling buddies. He asked for my number and I’m pretty sure we texted every day until an actual first date was arranged.”

Their first date was at Dairy Queen (scroll to the end to see our full circle tribute). “He learned I had a major sweet tooth and so he bought me an Oreo shake (my absolute favorite),” Nicolette recalled. “I felt very at ease talking to him and I remember thinking it was a little odd that I felt so comfortable around someone who was still very much a stranger. I think we both realized that we were very opposite in that I was more of the ‘creative’ and he was the ‘analyst’ but that was what made our conversations so intriguing. I also learned we actually had a lot in common from the small things like our taste in music, to the bigger things like how we grew up, and that’s when I think I knew there was something different about this guy.”

For the proposal, Casey went big, both in location and rings(!). “We had been saving up and wanting to go on our first international trip together since the pandemic travel rules were lifted. So I picked Greece. No real rhyme or reason; I just knew the food would be great and the scenery even better. Plus, who doesn’t like a Santorini beach day? Except our planned beach day was proposal day! In our 9 years together, we were that couple who never talked about engagement. However, here’s a testament to how well he knows me: he got up early while I was sleeping on our last day in Santorini and jogged over to a local jewelry store (after stealing one of my own rings for sizing). He picked out a ‘Santorini blue’ ring and brought it along with him while we rented a buggy for the day to explore the island and stop at a beach for the afternoon.

“He took us to what’s called the Heart of Santorini for our first stop that morning and got down on one knee (catching me so off guard in a bathing suit, hair up, hat on, and biker shorts). He said. ‘This isn’t your real engagement ring, but this is a real proposal.’ And asked if I would do the honor of marrying him. I was so happy and shocked! Shortly after, he explained he had wanted our real moment to be just us but that he had hired a photographer scheduled for that evening at sunset to take engagement pictures around Fira. So, after still getting our beach time in, he drove me over to the local shops where I picked out a dress that matched the ring and he gave me plenty of time to get my hair and makeup done (as he knew I’d want to!). We did a photoshoot as the sun went down and came back home that weekend with the news! My real ring was to be picked out here in Chicago because he knew, as a designer, I’d want to customize it. What girl could ever say no to getting two rings?!”

They were in town for the weekend to check off some wedding to-dos and we had the best weather for their engagement session! They brought their dog, Kujo, along and he was a gem for the photos.

To finish off their session, we went back to where they had their first date: Dairy Queen (the exact same one)!


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    Wow!!! Perfect shoot on a perfect day for a beautiful couple!

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