February 28, 2014

a few of my favorite things (february edition)

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While in California this month for a photography conference, I spotted two girls eating this on a bench. My friend Rachel asked where they got it and they said it was from The Cow’s End. It was less than a block away and so I ordered this and still cannot stop talking about it! It was one of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve ever had. There was fresh blended açaí smoothie in the bottom with a layer of granola and then topped with coconut and bananas.


The last time I was in California I was 6 years old on a family vacation. I so vividly remember how much I loved the state though so I’ve always had a crush on that part of the country. When I was there this month, I knew why I first fell in love.


This long and drug-out winter we’ve had has wreaked havoc on my skin. I put out a “please help me” on Facebook earlier this month because my fingers were cracking to the point of bleeding. Of all the advice I received, the one that helped the most was the advice to put coconut oil on my skin. I now carry around a little container with it so I can apply no matter where I am. Tip: a little goes a long way!


When I first heard about this, I was immediately sucked in. It sounded too good to be true! A lipstick that, when applied, adjusts based on your body’s pH levels to the exact pink shade that matches your skin tone. For those of us who lived through the mood rings of the ’90s, this lipstick does NOT change based on your mood. It strictly is shaded based on your body chemistry. To try this out, my best friend and I both put it on and our lip colors were different. Hers was slightly more pink in comparison to my slightly more red shade. The great news about this is that it’s easy to use, it goes on smooth like vaseline, it doesn’t dry out my lips, it doesn’t leave a lip print on cups & glasses, and it stays on throughout an entire day. I purchased mine on eBay, but I have since noticed that several U.S. companies have started producing this lipstick, though at a much higher cost.

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