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Bethany & Zach

A Bella Sala Summer Wedding





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The thing that stuck out to me the most from their engagement session last summer was their chemistry. It’s not in-your-face and steamy like Hollywood would like to portray. It’s something so much deeper and richer. It’s quiet. It’s gentle. It’s intimate. It’s peaceful and comfortable. It’s real. And that, this is the most beautiful kind of love to photograph. I was so excited to photograph them again because working with a couple like Bethany and Zach is such a pleasure.

Their Bella Sala wedding was beautiful and fun, a day filled with so much joy. We started the day at the Newman Student Center where their ceremony was held. After the ceremony, we went to Kent Park for photos and then to Bella Sala where everyone celebrated for the rest of the evening.

Bethany & Zach, I hope you know how much I truly mean this: I loved being with you on your wedding day. You are an amazing couple and I am so excited to see how much you continue to grow together through the years!


Bethany’s stunning bouquet (those colors!) had pieces of jewelry from her grandmothers in it and was wrapped around the stems with lace from her mother’s wedding dress.

BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0678.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0679.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0680.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0681.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0682.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0683.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0684.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0685.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0686.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0687.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0688.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0689.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0690.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0691.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0692.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0693.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0694.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0695.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0696.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0697.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0698.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0699.jpg

Ahh!! Bethany, you are so gorgeous!! Your smile radiates pure joy.

BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0700.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0701.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0702.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0703.jpg

BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0706.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0707.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0708.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0709.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0710.jpgBellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0705.jpg

BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0729.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0711.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0712.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0713.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0714.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0715.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0716.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0717.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0718.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0719.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0720.jpg

One of my favorite parts of the day is in the evening when I get to sneak the couple out for a few minutes for some photos. The light is so golden and the photos are usually my favorite because you can sense the happiness and contentment in a couple. They are married, they have already been celebrating, and now they get a chance to breathe and soak it in before returning to the party.

BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0721.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0722.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0723.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0724.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0725.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0726.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0727.jpg BellaSalaWedding_BZ_EmilyCrall_0728.jpg

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Photography: Emily Crall Photography
Ceremony Venue: Newman Catholic Student Center
Reception Venue: Bella Sala
Florals: Wolf Floral
Cake Artist: Barb Weever
Catering: Dostal Catering
DJ: Bam Productions
Makeup: Kristen Donahoe
Hair: Kaci at Zen Salon
Bridal Gown: XOXO Bridal
Maids’ Gowns: David’s Bridal
Suits: Men’s Wearhouse
Invitations & Paper Goods: Abby Smith
Priest: Fr. Ed Fitzpatick
Musician: Joe Mattingly


  1. Lori A. Falk says:

    Amazing. Emily definatley captured your love and beauty! Congratulations.
    Love Lori

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  4. Juan Mozqueda says:

    Great pictures! The wedding was beautiful!

  5. Bryan Zobeck says:

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple! Congratulations!

  6. Robin Shepherd says:

    Would you look at that!

  7. Kaitlyn Bonzer says:

    So in LOVE with these pictures! They truly capture the love that Zach and Bethany share! Outstanding job!

  8. Amy Blackburn says:

    Gorgeous! Beautiful bride…beautiful pictures! The colors are amazing!

  9. Marian Gehrls says:

    Bethany, the wedding looks beautiful and the pictures are fantastic. Seems like just yesterday I was meeting you in “martin” for the first time. Best wishes to you and Zach!

  10. Kenny D. Harris Jr. says:

    Great wedding and great pictures!!!

  11. Maggie Gehrls says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations Bethany and Zach!

  12. Heather Fomon says:


  13. Kyle Zobeck says:

    Congrats again you two! The wedding was wonderful and the pictures are, too 🙂

  14. Meghan Juntunen says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! And such a fun wedding! 🙂

  15. Holly Hearn says:

    Just stunning! I love them all!

  16. Andrea Weber says:

    Beautiful pictures. Can’t stop looking at them.

  17. Olivia Weber says:

    Beautiful pictures of a wonderful couple!

  18. Rebecca Moore says:

    Such a beautiful job of capturing a gorgeous bride on her special day! 🙂

  19. Courtney Joy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! You 2 had a spectacular wedding! You should be proud 🙂

  20. Zach Nebel says:

    Emily, I don’t know how to put in words to describe how thankful Bethany and I are for you doing such a fantastic job. The pictures are fantastic.

  21. Jessica Haag says:

    Wow. Absolutely stunning photos of a fantastic couple. I’m so impressed. Great job Emily!

  22. Bridget Nebel says:

    Emily, you did such a wonderful job capturing the love between Zach and Bethany! These pictures are beautiful!

  23. Kyle Shepherd says:

    Wonderful pictures to capture a great night!

  24. Stephanie Meyer says:

    Great pictures! The wedding was amazing and so are you two!

  25. Aaron Bartling says:

    Some great pictures to capture an amazing night!

  26. David Krull Jennerjohn says:

    What a magical night and gorgeous couple!

  27. Jon Bristol says:

    Awesome pics!

  28. Abby Smith says:

    The most perfect pictures to capture the most perfect couple 🙂

  29. Kristen Donahoe says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! The pictures at Kent Park of you two are my favorites!! 🙂

  30. Bethany Nebel says:

    Emily, we can never thank you enough for how wonderful you have been to Zach and I! We absolutely LOVE the photos so far and can’t wait to see the rest!

  31. Shirley O'Connell says:

    WE were blessed to be a part of this special day of this very special couple that we call niece and nephew. Love and prayers for many years together!

  32. Lisa Zobeck says:

    These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

  33. Kimberly Meyer says:

    Beth you are absolutely gorgeous! Love you and Zach!

  34. Maria Fobian says:

    Wonderful pictures!!

  35. Pat Litton says:

    Fantastic pictures and wedding. I had a fabulous time. You make a Beautiful Bride Bethany!!!

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