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Stephanie & Matt

A Celebration Farm Iowa City Spring Wedding





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She was in the hotel room. Comfortable, but fidgety. Her hair and makeup were done, she had eaten lunch, and she had carefully laid out everything she would be wearing that day. There was nothing left to do but get into her gown. As I began photographing, she softly moved about, busying herself with any last minute detail she could think of. “I’m so excited,” she said. “I’m anxious to see him. There’s nothing else left for me to do. I’m so ready.”

While their ceremony and reception were being held later on at the Celebration Farm, they both got ready nearby at the Marriott. It was forecasted to potentially rain that day, but instead we got humid sunshine and a very slight breeze. Thankfully, as the day progressed, the weather also got more comfortable!

Stephanie & Matt were not just a beautiful couple to photograph, but a truly gracious couple to work with! I could say a thousand wonderful things about them, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.
CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0786.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0787.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0789.jpgHer gown was so perfect for her! Her and Matt are both very athletic and this gown hugged her body in every right way possible. I love how unique it is!
CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0788.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0790.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0791.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0792.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0793.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0794.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0795.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0796.jpg

CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0822.jpgThis. If you’re on the fence about a first look, this is reason enough to have one. You know in this moment there is no one else in the world but her and him.
CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0797.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0798.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0799.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0800.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0801.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0802.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0803.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0804.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0805.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0806.jpgThis photo is one of my instant favorites. It was a happy accident; I think they had just kissed and she laughed and said, “We’re such dorks!”
CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0807.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0808.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0809.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0810.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0811.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0812.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0813.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0814.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0815.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0816.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0817.jpg

We drove out to Celebration Farm for the rest of the day and were met there with a gorgeous bridal party.

CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0818.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0819.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0820.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0821.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0823.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0824.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0825.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0826.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0827.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0828.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0829.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0830.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0831.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0832.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0833.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0834.jpg

CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0835.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0836.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0837.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0838.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0839.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0840.jpgI love a good pun and these mugs were pretty much my favorite. I obviously put it to good use right away.
CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0841.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0842.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0843.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0844.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0845.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0846.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0847.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0848.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0849.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0850.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0851.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0852.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0853.jpgThe sunset was golden for stepping out for a few more photos and I’m so glad we did!
CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0854.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0855.jpg

Let’s take a moment to admire those triceps. Girrrllllll…

CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0856.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0858.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0857.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0859.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0860.jpg CelebrationFarmWedding_SM_EmilyCrall_0861.jpg

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Photography: Emily Crall Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Tweedt Weddings
Venue: The Celebration Farm Amphitheater & Timber Frame Barn
Makeup: Salon La Di Da
Hair: Salon Voche
Bridal Gown: Sarah’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Gowns: David’s Bridal
Suits: Men’s Wearhouse
Florals: Heaven Scent
Cake Artist: Deluxe Cakes & Bakery
Catering: Ruzicka’s Catering
DJ: Big D’s Jamz
Paper Suite: Zephyr Weddings


  1. […] & Matt are just the most fun couple! I have gotten to see them several times since their wedding and watching them become parents to little Silas is just, well, even better than watching them […]

  2. […] Stephanie: “My husband and I didn’t really have to debate on a first look, we just both kinda wanted one. I think it is such a special moment to share with each other. The day is so crazy and hectic (in a good way!) that looking back, this was one of the few moments we had that was just so intimate and raw. Once we saw each other, all the nerves and jitters just melted away. Emily was there capturing the moments, but honestly, there could have been 100 people there and we wouldn’t have noticed anything because were were just so in the moment with each other. The whole day is spent celebrating with family and friends and this is just such an important moment to have between the two of you.” […]

  3. Marcia Peterson says:

    Beautiful pictures Emily. Thank you for catching so many of those special moments.

  4. Judy Hostetler Balbinot says:

    Beautiful! Especially love the first look. ♥️ His expression is priceless! And oh my goodness. Who has a drone?! Did you invite Justyn Miller with his drones?

  5. Carla Whipple says:

    Lovely! The aerial view of celebration farm… Helicopter or selfie stick extension??

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