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Andrea & James

A Kinnick Football Stadium Press Box Summer Wedding





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KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0019.jpgYou know how you sometimes meet people and just instantly know they are the kindest, most genuine souls? That’s how I felt when I first met Andrea & James. It was further confirmed during the toasts at their reception that they are loyal and gracious, both with each other and with their friends. It makes me so happy to see marriages that start out on such a solid grounding.

Their Kinnick football stadium press box wedding was a gorgeous and intimate affair, but the day started just across the river at the Catholic church. When we arrived, the ladies were relaxing. I set aside the first 45 minutes to photograph the wedding details like the gown, jewelry, shoes, and paper suite. The color palette for the wedding was one of my very favorites: kelly green and navy. Yes please.
KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0012.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0013.jpg

Andrea’s something borrowed was her mother’s necklace and her something old was a piece of her mother’s wedding dress sewn on the inside of her own gown.
KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0014.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0015.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0016.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0017.jpgWe went just kitty-corner from the church for the first look and photos. It was so gorgeous and, really, not as hot as it could’ve been in August! I love James’ expression at seeing Andrea for the first time!
KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0018.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0020.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0021.jpgAndrea’s dress was a masterpiece! You know I love tulle and lace and a ballgown skirt. le sigh.
KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0022.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0023.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0024.jpgAll the stomping around in the grass without heel stoppers made for some dirty Badgley Mischkas. I’m hoping they cleaned up well afterwards. Andrea??
KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0025.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0026.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0027.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0028.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0029.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0030.jpg

In my own wedding, one of my favorite shots was from above in the balcony during the ceremony. We had a small, private ceremony with a larger reception following and I love to look at that photo and see each special person who was there for our vows. If there’s a balcony, I always try to get a photo similar for my couples, but if there isn’t, even just a photo from the back of the church will do. For weddings such as this, where a lot of guests (and the bride & groom themselves!) were from out of state, it makes it even more special later to see who made the trip to celebrate the couple.

KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0031.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0032.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0033.jpgMight I remind you how much I love this color palette? They made me love it even more by having their bridal party pick out their own dresses/suits. You guys, it’s my favorite when couples do this!
KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0034.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0035.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0036.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0037.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0038.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0039.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0040.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0041.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0042.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0043.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0044.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0045.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0046.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0047.jpgAfter the ceremony and some photos at the Old Capitol, we headed over to Kinnick where the reception was held in the press box. We made a pit stop outside for some quick photos before heading in.
KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0048.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0049.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0050.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0051.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0052.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0053.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0054.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0055.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0056.jpg

Andrea & James opted to keep the reception decor simple and classy. They agreed that the venue provided enough substance that it wasn’t necessary to go over the top with centerpieces and I agree with them!

KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0057.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0058.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0059.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0060.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0061.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0062.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0063.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0064.jpgI don’t typically eat any of the hors d’oeuvres, but I couldn’t resist snagging on of these kabobs pictured below. It was absolutely delicious and I kind of wanted to raid the kitchen for at least 25 more.
KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0065.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0066.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0067.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0068.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0069.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0075.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0076.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0077.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0078.jpg KinnickIowaFootballWedding_EmilyCrall_0079.jpg

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Photography: Emily Crall Photography
Makeup & Hair: Adeva Salon
Bridal Gown: Kathryn’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Gowns: personal wardrobes
Suits: personal wardrobes
Florals: Waterfront Hy-Vee Florals
Catering: University Catering
DJ: DJ PowerPlay Entertainment
Paper Suite: Minted
 Ceremony Venue: Newman Catholic Student Center
Reception Venue: Kinnick Stadium Press Box


  1. […] Andrea: “I didn’t want to do a first look, but I wasn’t totally against it. In my head, I really wanted the first time we saw each other to be when the doors opened and I was walking down the aisle – I was worried that by having a first look it would take away from that moment. We ended up doing a first look because of timing. Our ceremony was later in the afternoon and with how much time we were going to have in between the ceremony and the reception, it was going to cause a lot of rushing around – which was the last thing I wanted. My number one goal for the day was to keep us, our families and our bridal party happy and calm – and rushing around was going to make that hard to accomplish. We ended up moving all family photos to before the ceremony, and before family photos James and I did our first look. It was actually really amazing. I loved that we had some time for just the two of us – because we didn’t have that again until hours later after the reception, when we were tired and ready to crash. It was a perfect time to just talk about all that was coming up in the day, and share how our mornings went. I loved it. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It kept the day moving nicely, gave us a rare private moment, and didn’t take away from the moment I walked down the aisle – it was less nerve wrecking, but still really special.” […]

  2. Nancy Mattes Luloff says:

    Nothing but Awesome !!!

  3. Denise Lynn says:

    These photos are fabulous! I just relived the entire wedding!! A fun and special weekend with a very special couple! Loved it! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Janet Leyrer Bach says:

    Both the pictures, and the narration along with them, were great!! Looks like it was a perfect kinda day! 🙂

  5. Sue Luloff says:

    WOW! and WOW again! I look at these pics and all the beautiful memories of that day come flooding back. Yes, Emily Crall, you are an artistic photographer 🙂

  6. Jori Hoefer Andler says:

    Beautiful! Just like the day and the bride

  7. Andrea Collingwood says:

    Emily, I love these! You captured the wedding perfectly. Thank you so much for letting us relive the wedding day all over again.

  8. Lynda Domres-Ives says:

    Beautiful, these pictures capture a wonderful weekend. Waiting for more!

  9. Keri Ives says:

    These pictures are amazing! Can’t wait to see more!

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