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Stephanie & Kurt

A St. Paul Catholic Fall Wedding





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StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0044.jpgWe arrived the morning of the wedding to her family’s farm. The ladies were inside, getting makeup done, hair pinned up in curled up-dos, and the wedding gown hanging on the doorframe in the living room. Stephanie was both excited and calm.

Stephanie and Kurt have known each other since elementary school. They started dating in 2011 and have weathered long-distance, busy careers, and moves. The celebration of their marriage was beautiful and elegant in so many ways. A really fun and unique part of their wedding was that it was her parents’ anniversary so they will now forever share that wonderful, happy date! They were also married in the same church as her parents were, a beautiful Catholic church with the most stunning light you’ve ever seen.

They chose a classic color theme with black bow ties and suits the guys and pale pink for the girls with lots of gold accents.
StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0045.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0046.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0047.jpg


StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0049.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0050.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0051.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0052.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0053.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0054.jpg

Stephanie’s mom is a hair dresser and did this beautiful style, as well as her own hair!

StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0055.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0056.jpg

I absolutely adored how this gown fit Stephanie! I love the high cut in the front with the cap sleeves and then the surprise plunge in the back.


Keeping everything in the family, we went to Kurt’s uncle’s home for their first look and photos, then back to Stephanie’s parent’s home for the bridal party photos.

StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0058.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0059.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0060.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0061.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0062.jpg

This quickly became a favorite. I love seeing these two together.

StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0063.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0064.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0065.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0066.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0067.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0068.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0069.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0070.jpg

Perhaps the most people I’ve ever photographed at one time.

StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0071.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0072.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0073.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0074.jpg

StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0105.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0075.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0076.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0077.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0078.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0079.jpg

StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0081.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0082.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0083.jpgI love this little look her grandparents shared during the ceremony.
StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0084.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0085.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0086.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0087.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0088.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0089.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0090.jpgStPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0104.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0091.jpgStPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0094.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0092.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0093.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0095.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0096.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0097.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0098.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0099.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0100.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0101.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0102.jpg StPaulWedding_EmilyCrall_0103.jpg

Stephanie & Kurt, thank you for inviting us to share your wedding day! It was such a pleasure getting to know your families and friends; the people who have shaped you into the two sophisticated, kind people you have become. So much love! -E

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Photography: Emily Crall Photography
Videography: Carol Snaadt
Makeup & Hair: Bride’s mother, Amy
Bridal Gown: Sarah’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Gowns: Heart to Heart Bridal
Florals: The Flower Cottage
Cake Artist: Ruby’s Cakes
Catering: Deina Merschbrock
Paper Suite: Jessica Holtkamp
Ceremony Venue: St. James the Less Catholic Church
Reception Venue: The American Legion


  1. Melanie Bandow says:

    SO pretty!

  2. Bernie Abolt says:

    Super Photos! Beautiful Couple! Great job by the Photographer!

  3. Bernie Abolt says:

    Super Photos! Beautiful Couple! Great job by the Photographer!

  4. Brittany Winnike says:

    Beautiful photos! What an excellent day! Congrats!

  5. Brent Arndorfer says:

    Lots of great photos! Stephanie looks beautiful and Kurt will never look better! Nice touch tossing him the bouquet!

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    Love! Especially first look at Uncle Mike’s!! Cheers to the newlyweds!

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    Absolutely Awesome photos of such a special couple and a very special day!!

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    These are incredible! Really captured what an amazing day it was!

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    Love this couple and these pictures

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    I didn’t think couples could be that photogenic. I thought wrong.

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    Oh my gosh,.Steph,.you are so beautiful. It looks like you had an amazing day. Congrats to you both!!

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