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Sarah & Ian

An Iowa City Sheraton Summer Wedding





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SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0171.jpgPlanning an outdoor wedding in any area of the country involves two things: 1) a backup plan and 2) a flexible spirit. While we encountered no rain on their wedding day, we did have a brutal heat wave sweep through that brought temps in the upper 90s with “but it feels like 103” cautions from the weathermen. The morning of their wedding, Sarah & Ian made the decision to move their ceremony indoors and, in a matter of a few hours, the ballroom in Hotel Vetro was set up as if it had been the original plan all along. Their Sheraton wedding reception was just next door through the pedestrian mall and was brought to life with stunning florals and amazing design. Scroll on through to see!

Sarah & Ian, you guys were a dream to work with. Thank you for being flexible, for being gracious, and for being such kind souls. I wish you so much love and happiness!!
SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0172.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0173.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0174.jpg


Sarah’s “something blue” was this stunning ring that was a gift from Ian’s family. His father had given it the blue stone to his mother when she was pregnant with Ian and they had it reset in a ring with the stones from Sarah’s grandmother’s necklace. I absolutely adore all the history present in this one piece of jewelry.

SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0176.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0177.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0178.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0179.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0180.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0181.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0182.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0183.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0184.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0185.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0186.jpg

SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0187.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0188.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0189.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0190.jpg

Sarah’s eyes…I could photograph them all day every day.

SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0191.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0192.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0193.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0194.jpg

The back of the gown was so intricate and perfect! All of the lace detailing was so fun to photograph!


Ian is a realtor so this custom sign was a fun surprise for them!!

SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0196.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0197.jpg

I loved working with this bridal party for a few reasons, but the first being that any bridal party who pays attention during photos gets automatic gold stars from me! Despite the heat, they graciously went along with my plan to do photos outside with the promise that if they listened, I’d move quickly and they could dash back into the hotel lobby to cool down.

SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0198.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0199.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0200.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0201.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0202.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0203.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0204.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0205.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0206.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0207.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0208.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0209.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0210.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0211.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0212.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0213.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0214.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0215.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0216.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0217.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0218.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0219.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0220.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0221.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0222.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0223.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0224.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0225.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0226.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0227.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0228.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0229.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0230.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0231.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0232.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0233.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0234.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0235.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0236.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0237.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0238.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0239.jpg

We stepped out for some sunset photos on the rooftop (where their ceremony was going to be) during dinner.

SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0240.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0241.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0242.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0243.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0244.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0245.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0246.jpg SheratonWedding_EmilyCrall_0247.jpg

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Photography: Emily Crall Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Town or Country Event Design & Coordination
Makeup: Buzz Salon
Hair: Michael Tschantz Salon
Bridal Gown: Allure Bridal from Bridal Boutique
Bridesmaid Gowns: J.Crew
Suits: Austin Burke
Florals: HyVee Florals
Cake Artist: Tip Top Cakes
Catering: Sheraton
DJ: LMD Productions
Paper Suite: Zephyr Weddings
Ceremony Venue: Hotel Vetro
Reception Venue: Sheraton Ballroom


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  2. Anne Wallace says:

    Beautiful pics
    Wonderful time
    Great families

  3. Elie Halsch says:

    These pictures are amazing!! Can’t believe how much fun we had!

  4. Cara Montgomery says:

    Love all these pics!! Such a good time!

  5. Kara Nicole says:

    So much love! So happy for you two!

  6. Natasha Nicole Helmick says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Wish I could have been there!

  7. Stephanie Marsh Belford says:

    Beautiful wedding and photographs! Just lovely.

  8. Amy Lee Whitmore says:

    I wish Ian and Sarah could get married every weekend!! The best of all time!

  9. Beth Anne Marsh says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!!!

  10. Jennifer Gross Whitmore says:

    I so love these pictures…….brings back the day over and over!

  11. Carla Whipple says:

    Gah!!! I love a well-done classic wedding!

  12. Joanna Halsch says:

    Beautiful couple and beautiful day! It was so much fun!

  13. Jessi Gordon says:

    Best wedding ever!!

  14. Chelsea Holman says:

    The best day with the best couple!

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