June 24, 2013

a tour of our home: guest bedroom

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I am so excited to be able to have a real guest bedroom in our new house. In our condo, the 2nd bedroom was a closet, office, storage room, and guest bedroom all in one. In fact, we ran out of room and had to just prop the mattress up against the wall towards the end of our time there.

My goal for this room was to make it sunny and relaxing. I chose a really fun blue/turquoise color for the walls, which was, admittedly, one of the wildest colors in our house. (We used Valspar paint from Lowe’s for our entire house; it covers so well and has beautiful tones!)

My challenge after painting was to fill the room with items that agreed with the paint color but also pulled in other colors. Too much of the blue is a scary thing.

I found the painting “Red Poppies in Tuscany” online and loved it for two reasons. 1) Kevin and I have it on our bucket list to go to Italy and 2) the colors were bright and beautiful while succeeding at pulling in a bit of the blue!

The curtains were a bit of luck. When I had been shopping for curtain fabric for the rest of the house, I had stumbled upon a white sheer that was ridiculously wide. (Most interior fabrics are 54″ wide; this was 118″!) I got the idea to do cross-over curtains in this room to still allow the light in, but also create a luxurious look. My mom hemmed the top and bottom (the width didn’t need to be adjusted) and I clipped the two of them together. After I hung them, I pulled the one panel to the right and the other panel to the left, creating the cross-over. The curtain rods are off-white (as are the hold-backs and the clips) and the sheers are pure white, but in this room, I like mixing white and cream so I actually love how it looks.

I found the quilt online as well and it’s certainly not up to my mother’s standards (her first reaction was, “Look at this ‘quilting’ job! I can put my whole finger through these stitches.’ Which is actually true.), but it pulled the entire room together–the walls, the painting, etc.

This room will undoubtedly continue to evolve (I’ve already talked about putting some plants in there), but for now, I just adore this room. Although it has already hosted three guests, it’s officially ready for more.

Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt: Urban Outfitters 
Pillows: already owned (the long round pillow was from Target many years ago and the small square button pillow my mom had made for me back in college)
Drapery fabric: WarehouseFabrics
Curtain rods and pull-backs: JCPenney
“Red Poppies in Tuscany”: Art.com (I got the 16×20)
Frame & matte: Target.com (not available in the store)
Lamp & shade: several years old, but I believe I originally got it at Target
Shelf & accessories on shelf: already owned
Paint: Valspar Signature paint from Lowe’s, Turquoise Tint #5006-10B

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  1. Morgan Caves

    June 24th, 2013 at 4:13 PM

    It looks fantastic!

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